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Fellow Permies,
You have been great to me in the past.  I have a new folding grafting knife which includes a locking blade with a single bevel (left and right models available) .  Email me at for 50% off coupon on Amazon.  I am hoping you will write an honest review.
Send an email and I can give the details.


PS I plant a tree in Africa through Trees for the Future with every sale and review.
4 days ago
I did read that goats are best at eating new foliage and dislike the older, tougher stuff.  So my 20-50 years of material will need some work to get through.

I found a few old threads I didn't see before that have some good info:

3 months ago
As another epic wildfire season in California draws to a close, I realize I need a much better way to protect my house.  
I have 20 (mostly) steep, South-facing acres in Mediterranean climate with a mix of chaparral and live oaks in Northern California.
Before I get into specifics, I thought it would be good to ask what are some good general strategy advice and plan from there.

I wanted to share some info I have found so far:

Bill Mollison's Permaculture for Fire Control
The idea of using trees as a heat radiation barrier seemed interesting, but I'm skeptical that this could work.  Does anyone have examples of this working.
- I assume any tree that could help stop would require summer irrigation to be wet enough.  Maybe the irrigation system doubles as a fire suppression sprinkler?  Maybe the irrigated orchard is located as a fire break?
- Any suggestions on fire retardant trees?
- I have heard prickly pear may be a good choice?
- The other ideas on house sprinklers seemed useful.

Cal Fire Defensible Space
Trying to use these guidelines for defensible space and planting trees in silvio pasture way to create fire breaks between the rows.

- I've heard goats used for brush control make poor milking goats and well bred milking goats are expensive?  
- Is it possible/recommended to have a larger group of random goats from a livestock auction for eating brush and a few special dairy goat managed separately?  They would need to be kept seperate since the auction goats probably have CAE and wouldn't get access to the better feed.  This seems like it would double my work?
- How about mixing sheep (or chickens) with the goats to keep brush down?
- Best way to protect mature tee trunks from goats? will wire mesh work?

What are the best ways to employ these strategies?  
What other strategies are people employing to manage wildfires?
Thank you.

Edit: I should add - I've had 4 goats before and when they weren't making a mockery of my fence, they were standing on my car or breaking into the chicken coop to steal chicken feed.  I was unimpressed with the land clearing, but they might have been spoiled goats in too big a paddock - normally they just wait until I came home to lure them back to their hutch with fresh hay.  I have a catch-22 that I need the goats to clear the land to put in fences, but I need fences to put in the goats to clear the land??? Cows maybe?

3 months ago
Hello Everyone.  I just wanted to let people know We rebranded from Veriglow to Loma Creek - (a little more generic name to offer a bigger variety of products)  Same great light and we even improved the port cover to make it harder to pull out.  You can find the headlight at our new website
Use the code 25OFF for 25% off.

4 months ago
Please do the right thing and spread the word and I arrange for you to get some pruners to review as well.

6 months ago
Fellow Permies  - I'm doing a giveaway of all of my garden tools.

Register here until Aug 15th:

Grand prize includes:
- Hori Hori Knife with Sheath
- Bypass Pruning Shears with Holster
- Folding Garden Knife
- Diamond Sharpening Rod
- Garden Tool belt

Good Luck!


6 months ago
Fellow Permies,
I'm going to extend this coupon one month until the end of August.


7 months ago
I am testing some giveaways and I wanted to make sure my fellow permies knew about it first.

You can check it our here:

Email me at if you have any questions.

Thanks again for being such a great community


7 months ago
Fellow Permies,
We had great success with our Hori Hori Tool and introducing it through Permies.  Now we are expanding our product selection with 3 great new products:
- Hand Pruners - includes a genuine leather sheath
- Folding Garden Knife - great for mushroom foraging, pruning, and bud grafting
- Garden Tool Belt - So you can easily carry these tools around without losing them - includes a spot for a water bottle.

I want to offer this to Permies first and we are giving you a 33% off coupon at for any or all of these products.  Please email Roxanne at and copy me - and we will send you the details.  We will (politely) prod you for a review after a few weeks.  Again if there if you are not happy there is a 100% refund policy.  You can also post questions to this thread.

Thanks again.


8 months ago
Dale, et al sorry old thread, but can't find much info)

I have good diurnal temp swings (warmer days and cooler nights in Northern California) and I'm putting in a high efficiency wood burning fireplace.
I was interested in stapling chickenwire to the 2x4 framing 16" OC to the interior bedroom walls; fill with 3/4" drain rock and then cover with 5/8" inch drywall.
My theory is the blowers off the fireplace would push the heat into bedrooms and be soaked up by the walls and given off at night.  So I would run the wood burning stove/fireplace at the higher (more efficient and cleaner) temp for a little longer, but then I would not need to run it all night at the (less efficient and dirtier) low air setting.

I will talk to the contractor about the weight load on the TJIs.

So a bunch of questions: Is there a right amount of mass?  Would 4' high of drain rock work as well as 8' high?  Any issues with condensation leading to mold?  Does drywall become an insulator and not make this very effective?
It seems weird that no one talks about this which then worries me that it is a bad idea.

1 year ago