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Patrick Freeburger

eco-innovator & pollinator
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since Nov 09, 2009
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Los Gatos, California Zone 10a (30°F to 35°F) Steep South Facing Slope, Rocky Soil, Ph 7.1
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Recent posts by Patrick Freeburger

Not sure if it helps you, but I wanted to share.  I have one of these in our weird vaulted ceilings that connects to a loft.  It quietly pulls the hot air out of the loft and back into the main room.
8 months ago
I wanted to let all the Permies know I am doing a 20% off Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal
Click here if you are interest in the Hori Hori.
Or if you wanted to check out some of our other products  go to our Amazon Store.

Enter code: 56U58W9U at checkout for 20% off.  The code is good from 11/25 to 11/30.

Thanks again, fellow Permies.

1 year ago

Lisa Petrillo wrote:I have one if your hori hori knives and I love it! It's like having a tool chest on my hip. I get lots of questions when people see it, and I  tell them to go to your site and get their own!

I love that. Thank you so much!
1 year ago

Cris Fellows wrote:Hi Patrick!  Question, do your hori horis have GPS for when I lose yet another?  🙃

Cris,  How about a Hori Hori w\ built in Air Tag?  Interesting product idea.  We need to brainstorm on that :-)
1 year ago

Jenny Wright wrote:Hello and welcome!

I went this summer without a hori hori knife after mine snapped off at the handle last year. I'll have to look into yours at a possible replacement.

Jenny, We have 5 year warranty, but honestly we don't check.  As long as it is ours we will replace it.  We just that people take care of the wood handle with a little oil once a year and don't leave it out all winter.  
1 year ago
Mary-Ellen Zands,
The headlamps are 160 lumens.  
You can buy them on Amazon or on our website:  website

I use them around my property all the time.  They are a wide angle light great for working on what is in front of you - changing a flat, checking on the chickens, walking, etc. (what you need 99% of the time)  They are not a spotlight to see if there is a predator on the far side of the homestead.  For that I have a giant spotlight flashlight just for that purpose.

PS - A bonus to owning my own business is I get to pose in my own photos and can legitimately claim - "I do a little male modelling".  :-)

1 year ago
Thank you, everyone, for the kind words.  I have been a big fan of Permies for years.  I appreciate all of the hard work Paul and you fellow Plotsters are doing to try and make the world a better place.  I look forward to seeing who wins.  I will follow with a coupon code for everyone else.

1 year ago
I would be willing to donate Truly Garden garden tools to the participants if that is helpful (and maybe get in some background shots).  Let me know.

2 years ago
I use a calf hutch.  I added a door to keep my 4 goats in at night and has protected them from mountain lions over the last few years.  I can get inside and lift with my shoulders and move around - awkward, but it works.  I only move mine a few feet each day to give them free spot to sleep and spread their poop out evenly.  (that doesn't work great since it turns out S#!T really does roll downhill!). I have to tie it to a fencepost to keep the goats from ramming it down the hillside.  26 sheep would need 4-5 of these and moving 80' each day would not be practical, but may work for someone with a smaller flock/herd.  For you, maybe a more a series of permanent structure that could access 4+ pastures at a time?  If I didn't want to bring them back to a central location, I think I would look into something like that.
3 years ago
For the Hot (positive) Wires - I was planning to use a plastic insulator, but for the negative (ground) wires - I was going to skip the insulator and wire it directly to the galvanized pipe so it would act as an additional group rod.  I think this would work without leaking current on wet wood when it is raining...
4 years ago