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Recent posts by Nikki Corey

Goats. I’ve heard that goats are best confined by a moat (won’t cross water). I don’t know if it would help with predators, but I’ve had far more problems with goats that I can’t contain in a fence than I have with critters that want to get in to eat my goats.
3 days ago
The newspaper method might also help with the original poster’s stink problem.
1 week ago
I haven’t purchased these yet, but the description contains this claim: “FORID compostable trash bags are made of 100% plant starch material (PSM),bioplastics based on natural renewable plant starch extracts,and can be composted in backyard or home composting facilities. In the case of composting, it is released as water, humus and CO2 within six months and returned to the ecosystem to complete the organic cycle.”

Compostable Trash Bags - FORID 8 Gallon Garbage Bags 150 Count Trash Can Liners 30 Liter Unscented Medium Wastebasket Bags for Kitchen Bathroom Home Office Garbage Can (5Rolls/Green)

Others I have looked at, I was disappointed to discover, are apparently made of some sort of oxy-enhanced plastic. So they break down faster, but still just into smaller bits of plastic. The ones I referenced above sound a lot better.
1 week ago
What about compostable trash bags? The ones I found are cornstarch based, I think. The listing says nothing about GMO, but if soil organisms are digesting it, is it still an issue anyway?
I am considering buying them to line a compost bin and also a dry toilet bucket, so I can just dump each bag, with all its contents, straight onto the compost heap, without touching anything nasty or having to wash bins so much. And whilst in the bag, I would still layer dry/cover material over anything wet to keep smell and flies down. If I had a compost receptacle on my kitchen counter, lined with said bag, I might even twist the top up in between deposits.
1 week ago
I bought some purple (on the inside) sweet potatoes at my local grocery store and planted three on a whim over the summer. They’ve now taken over a very large portion on my garden and the surrounding area. I don’t have any idea how many tubers there may be, but there are lots of vines and leaves. We have sautéed the greens in butter and they are quite good and also used them like spinach in scrambled eggs and such.

(My biggest problem now is trying to halt the takeover. My husband is mad and has started mowing them, but they’ve rooted so they just grow right back.)
3 weeks ago
Also, they smell lovely. 😉
1 month ago
I have a kiddo that loves to eat flowers so I’ve started growing one flower bed that has only flowers that won’t harm him. He now knows he is only allowed to eat those (though I still sometimes catch him eating clover flowers in the fields), which is important because I grow Chaya for food. It contains cyanide. The kids have been taught to never ever nibble it until it has been cooked properly. (We boil for 10 minutes and drain and think it’s delicious!)
2 months ago
Back to Reality put theirs stem up in the box. The original post said stem down; wonder if that partly accounts for their failure? They also left them for longer than I think was recommended.
2 months ago
Just to clarify my link... I believe the “draft a sloper” link is to modify existing patterns (by laying that sloper on top and drawing the correct lines) so that existing patterns can fit you in a very custom way. Not to try to draft your own patterns from scratch.
3 months ago