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This my situation as well! I’m looking forward to the responses you receive… My biggest concern with the oaks is the enormous amount of shade they cast. I know there are some plants and trees that like shade (pawpaws in my area, as an example), but do I just plant everything else on the south side outside of the shade canopy?
1 month ago
I forgot yarrow. I think it has a lovely sweet honey scent.
6 months ago
Confederate jasmine, gardenia, citrus blossoms

When the citrus and jasmine are blooming together, my whole yard smells like heaven.
6 months ago
Just want to post that I upped my backer level for the awesome stretch goals y’all are adding! And I have never  ever done that before.
Also, I own property, so don’t need this book so much for myself, but I have many children who would prefer to live in a cooler climate as adults and I’m hoping some of them will want to start this as teens. By the time they’re grown, maybe they’ll be on their way to inheriting some land North of here and, even if not, they’ll have learned many great skills.
Thanks for this!
8 months ago
Those are so pretty that I’m tempted to buy some even though I have no earthly idea what to do with them! Really beautiful work; well done.
9 months ago
I think I would buy it if you could keep it at or under $100. 😊
9 months ago
I despise going the the doctor. That being said, I had sepsis two years ago (in my mid-30s). Mine was childbirth-related, but I learned a lot about sepsis and how you can get it from nearly any kind of infection (even a scrape on your finger). My sister treated a man who is now a quadriplegic with brain damage from an abscessed tooth that he waited to go in about and it turned septic.

So... as much as you might like to avoid the doctor’s office or try natural remedies, I promise you that sepsis is worse than antibiotics. So much worse.
11 months ago
Goats. I’ve heard that goats are best confined by a moat (won’t cross water). I don’t know if it would help with predators, but I’ve had far more problems with goats that I can’t contain in a fence than I have with critters that want to get in to eat my goats.
1 year ago
The newspaper method might also help with the original poster’s stink problem.
1 year ago