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Any tips for starting out with a field thst has really poor drainage? I planted a few pine trees last fall since they were free to me and they all died due to being waterlogged. So I realized before I can even start planting things I have a drainage issue to address but I do not know where to begin. Is there any kind of cover crop that you'd recommend? Let it go wild? I've been slowly collecting trees and bushes and I need to start getting these things in the ground sooner rather than later.
1 year ago
Me- *maybe I should join*

Also me- Women peeing outdoors. Wait wat.

Haha reading a bit of this I see that much to my relief it's not what I first thought! Anyhow, yeah, peeing outside is convenient and it's never bothered me. I'm not about to purchase some contraption I need to wash though. Just squat and go. I'll usually grab a burdock leaf on my way to whatever bush I'm headed for. It just never made sense to me to trek back to the house any time I needed to pee. If it was acceptable for men to do it, I saw no reason women couldn't do it too.
2 years ago