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Recent posts by danny doud

Started car pooling with a guy from work that became legally blind this last year and unable to drive. I think I have found a new friend and have engaging conversations on the commute.
1 month ago
Greetings and welcome,
My son has 4.5 acres and is going to start as a recreation site with Hobit houses. Any thoughts on pros and cons of moving from a recreation site to a community? Your book sounds interesting.
5 months ago
Hello Laurie from Danny here in North Alabama, Priceville, . You should meet my son Greg(31) he is starting his own venture and soon to homestead 4.5 acres near smith lake in cullman county, His website is the thetinkertribe.com
I am currently working on my 2 acres from lawn to food forest. Micro swales, hugelkultures, apples, pears, figs, peach, comfrey, herbs, small garden etc.
6 months ago
I am thinking cheesy biscuits and dutch oven enchilada pie!
6 months ago
I installed the nextdoor application and try to chime with ideas when local people post questions. My most recent is providing a link to consider ecogrid options instead of paving a driveway that has failed. This allows the rain to soak in instead of run off to storm sewer.
6 months ago
My cabin in Ottawa National Forest, see attached: age is approximately 95years
7 months ago
Something I did not hear in this discussion is "managed wetland". I think if we could start residential developments with first establishing a multi pond managed wetland to process the waste this would be a better way. They have proven drinking water comes out the end of the last pond.  We need to start examples of this. If I get some sizable land I will be working on this first.  I am capturing water from my steel shingle ceramic/stone coated roof (Decra). It is stainless steel screened with "leafblaster" gutter covers. I definitely want to build a composting toilet on my porch at the cabin up north. I currently only have the old two-seater outhouse. Thanks for the discussion.