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Recent posts by Kali Hermitage

For attracting pollinators and hummingbirds here in California, they go absolutely nuts over our "Hot Lips" salvia, and I cannot kill it either (big bonus for me). I have experimented with many different types of salvia around the garden, and much seems to die off for me, or require maintenance, but not the Hot Lips.
9 hours ago
Hi Daniel, thanks for posting these pictures! Looks like you are near where half of me comes from, my grandmother (who adopted me) was from Ringtown, PA, and my grandfather's mother was also from the same area. I haven't been there since the 1970s, but keep dreaming of going back and seeing if any of my old relatives are still there.

My messy backyard is in the SF Bay Area, it was just clay and weed lawn and I've been experimenting over the past year to have fun and see what works. I have zero gardening experience until 2017. Let's see if I can get these pictures to show...

Thought I would add, my husband wont let me get rid of the grass, but I stealthily try to make it smaller and smaller...

10 hours ago
Thanks for the reminder, just bought tickets for next weekend in my area!
11 hours ago

Daniel Ackerman wrote:
Here are some pictures of where I started this year:

The thread didn’t get any love, but it’s a good illustration of my approach.

Daniel, great pictures! I'll try to bump your thread when I get a chance to find pictures, I'd love to see more pictures of urban/suburban yards. I'm always so confused aout what to put where to maximize what I can do with my space. I have such incredible porch envy!!!
12 hours ago
Lori thank for the update and bumping your thread. Wow, 16 fruit trees? I'd love to see your layout. I keep trying to figure out how to get more trees on my tiny property (I have about 9 now) without crowding or too much shade.

It's strange to me that you have problems with your township. I figured me living in a pretty urban area of California we'd have community problems, but the wilder my front yard gets, the more compliments I get from the neighbors!
12 hours ago
Hi Eric,

I am in a small unincorporated area about 10-15 miles NE of SF as the crow flies, inland from Richmond, CA. My lot is a total of 5000sf with a 1000sf house on it (not including tiny garage). So....no "land". I have a nearly unlimited supply of free free chips that can be delivered from various people, and we may have scavenged some rotting oak logs here and there.

I actually do a lot of experimenting right now, so I have a combination of raised steel trough beds, reclaimed redwood raised beds, a small hugel-bed, in ground beds, and a round African keyhole bed.

I was kind of thinking of getting another load of wood chips and spreading them everywhere, and just seeing what happens. Would that be crazy?

12 hours ago
Wow, again, thank you! I can't wait to get started. I am in the East Bay Area, California. Would you recommend I wait until spring (which is what most websites say)? We have warm-ish temps during the day in winter, but can get frost (20s-30s) and we never know if it will be relatively dry, or so much rain it will flood and turn to a bog.
1 day ago
Thanks for the tip on the Wine Caps, lucky me to have a yard full of wood chips too :) I've had zero luck with oyster/shiitake mushrooms in logs...but Wine Caps in wood chips sounds much easier!
1 day ago

Mandy Launchbury-Rainey wrote:I find that coffee grounds mixed with shredded leaves makes the most beautiful compost which I discovered after watching this:

Mandy thank you! That video is great!

Now I want to grab my leaf "sucker" and troll the neighborhood yards for leaves.
1 day ago

Eric Hanson wrote:Kali,

Either manure will give it a recharge.  It will be temporary, but it will work.

If you plan on dumping this into a garden bed on the soil, excellent!  I would strive to get microbes in the soil.  They will take care of most of your fertility needs indefinitely once established.


Thanks Eric!

Yes, that was my plan, basically mix in a bunch of chicken manure (that's mixed with bedding) from my friends pile, and dump it on top of my larger beds and 3x8 small hugel bed. I thought maybe it would add some soil, work as mulch and dilute the chicken manure?

I'm very new to this gardening stuff, but after a couple years I just can't throw out any soil! It's too much work getting it in here in the first place, not to mention the plastic bag waste buying new stuff. :)
1 day ago