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Thanks! Yes, I have an enormous amount of grounds... and I live in the desert, so carbon sources are few and desperately needed.

I use clay (we have a lot of clay), coffee grounds, sand and compost mix to make soil. Then I add it to my "field" which just has grass at the moment. In a year or two I will till it to get rid of the grass, and hope to add bio-char at that time. After the (single) till, I intend to plant a lot of different things to see how they do in the high altitude.
11 months ago
Thanks a million for all the input!

@Dyllian I am very interested in the mushroom thing. I certainly have all the "tools". From what I understand, trees and woody shrubs like a more fungal soil. I am working on a largish bank of black currants with the thought of selling jam at the farmer's market. It would be a novelty here and I think I could make decent money at it. So, right now I am planting my currant starts in little row / mounds covered with cardboard boxes that are inoculated with mushrooms. I didn't really try to be picky... I just throw all my mushrooms between the flattened boxes. Not sure if its a good idea or bad.

@Michael Thanks for the links. I had seen this guy before, but not these particular videos. I have some experience with low-oxygen burns. I actually like the simplicity of the "kontiki" setup... and there was some guy that made a similar setup (if less efficient) with a 55 gallon drum laid on its side and a "scallop" cut out of it.  That is what I am going to try with some of my coffee grounds. We'll see how it goes:
11 months ago
Cool, thanks. I actually collect a lot of grocery compost as well, and get mushrooms of every variety in fairly good shape on a regular basis.

So, I think you are saying to contain the coffee grounds in something (like one of the boxes). Then to introduce the mushrooms (I get lots of portobella). Then to wait till the mushrooms completely break "compost" the grounds.

Does that sound right?

Its a good idea, and I already sortof do the mushroom thing with the cardboard boxes.

In any case I might try a batch or two of biochar and see how it works. I'll post my results if they are any good.
11 months ago
I have just learned about biochar, just so you know.

I collect about 25 gallons of used coffee grounds daily (from coffee houses, etc). I use them as an ingredient in a composting mix I make. I also collect a lot of cardboard boxes which I use for layering and soil building.

So... I was thinking that I could certainly use some of the boxes for fuel and some / all of the coffee grounds for biochar creation.

Anyone have any experience?

11 months ago