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Recent posts by Adam Blacksheep

I'm looking for land with some sort of modest, even temporary living quarters/dwelling for a unique agricultural project.

Like most farms, the idea will be to produce food crops, but the lay out, design, and method of construction will be for the sake of the well being of mind, and spirit.

The basic idea is founded on what I will call a spiritual realization I had almost 20 years ago; the fact that humans are motivated by stresses; the stress for the need to survive.

When a person is locked in survival mode, their thoughts, thinking, moods and attitudes are affected & restricted. We are restricted to the animal mind.

When a person has the cardinal concerns met, a secure livelihood and means of sustenance, and is secure in that particular modality whatever it may be the, mind and spirit are relieved and become able and free to evolve to a higher plain of consciousness.

One way of achieving that is by way of a career, but to have that state of mind dependent on career is to be able to loose it and for the threat of looking it to be constant. Even if one is confident in their role in their career providing the heightened state of awareness and consciousness, because the state is so dependent it is still restricted and has stress intrinsically woven into it as part of its composition. So the state of awareness is not totally free or near its heights.

Teachers like Jesus and Buddha seemed to see this too, and taught there followers to not worry about things like what they will eat tomorrow, to live a faith based existence, and to realize that providence and provisions were all around them.

The farm in my vision grows crops, but more importantly grows peace of mind. It s a meditation farm, a Garden of Eden that facilitates higher states of consciousness and grows piece of mind.

The goal is to create a land scape where in the soil is healthy, thriving and intelligent like a forest floor, and the crops grow in a way that is somewhere in between a landscape park garden, and a natural wild setting.

No monitoring, no crop rotation, the plants and trees become naturalized and many become regenerated by self sewing.

Initially it will take hard work, but the end result is low maintenance.

I am a sincerely devoted meditation practitioner whose been a horticulturalist and interested in soill my whole life.

My interest in botany and horticulture became intense by age 16.
I have worked as a landscaper a little bit in California and Hawaii, have worked on organic produce farms in both California and Hawaii, and on cannabis farms.

I have learned and become very skilled and knowledgeable in New systems of agriculture that also require new systems,of thinking. Dry farming, no-till farming, Natural Farming and biological horticulture all of which can be reorganized in a way that facilitates the naturalization of food crops.

So I would like to use the skills and knowledge that I've developed to make a landscape/ecosystem where in everything around is either edible and nutritious, medicinal, or known to be of use to humans; nothing ornamental.

The belief behind the idea and design is that when a person's senses and consciousness are surrounded by an atmosphere and natural self perpetuating environment that naturally produces the basic needs of all people that it will have a healing and enlightening affect on their mind and soul by way of sublimation of information into the consciousness. In some I expect the effects will be subtle in others more extreme.

If you have any interest in hosting a project like this please contact me. This may seem naive but I'm a highly intelligent and capable person with a good 20 years of experience and learning all geared towards this.

I can answer any questions you could possibly have so feel free to contact me about anything.

Thanks ☺
5 years ago
I'm kind of confuse as to what's going on at that members of the website are paying people at Wheaton labs to get projects done over there?
5 years ago

r ranson wrote:Moderator note.

Just a reminder everyone, people from all over the world and all levels of experience use this site.

Please, if you are going to use an abbreviation or acronym for something, please say what it stands for.  

Throwing letters around leads to, at best, frustration on the readers part and at worst, miscommunication and strife.

Please be courteous to your readers.  

Nowhere in the KNF community does anyone NOT talk or write like we have been here. Everyone that practices KNF, calls FPJ, "FPJ", etc.

We all learned it the same way, and that's how all websites, and real life people communicate about KNF. Those are, in general, the terms we think, speak, and write in.

I personally don't think it's fair for this website to expect practitioners to completely alter their organic way of communicating about KNF.

If you took a KNF class they would say "this product is called IMO#1, IMO#2, IMO#3, IMO#4.. . Then they would tell you that IMO stands for indigenous micro organisms, then they would go back to calling it IMO. They do not ever refer to the product as anything except, IMO, FPJ, WSC, WSCaP, except for one time only.

KNF is pretty much the cutting edge of permaculture, and the next stage in the evolution of organic farming.

If this website hopes to have some of that here I think it would be wise to accept it for what it is rather than expect all the practitioners with knowledge to spell everything out every time when in real life, and on the face book groups or virtually any other website or venue this is how we talk, write, think and communicate about the products and system.

Kids that grow up around KNF learn that it's called IMO, because that's what everyone calls it.

There are other threads on this site that the mods bent the rules for, such as the "I am an INTJ, what are you?" where there is something like 15 pages of people communicating with the initials of the terms they are using.

It could be argued that that thread is entirely useless compared with a thread about KNF.

Although the initials do stand for something, the product names are always preferred to by the shortened version.

I notice it's similar with farmers when confronted with KNF.

They want the KNF system to bend and conform to them and their way of thinking and their ways of doing things, but it is a wholistic system that operates differently. You can't expect it to work if you are just trying to assimilate aspects of it into the old system of "modern ag".

Ag needs to conform to KNF, not the other way around.

KNF is practiced in over 40 countries around the world and we all refer to to the inputs and system the exact same way.

It is easier for an English speaker to communicate with a , Thai, Korean, or Indonesian farmer in the globally accepted terms like IMO then to spell everything out in English.

on other websites people from all around the world have assimilated the terms and it makes it easier for people from multiple cultures to communicate in terms like FPJ, and IMO.