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Thank you Phil, are you building one as well?
agree, there is already one set up for plans, which I believe are being updated, which is great. I notice some techy questions had already been addressed at the other thread, which seemed to have been started to address backer, down load, shipping , upgrades etc, leaving the one that Paul set up specifically for  q&a ready for the barrage. Hopefully that is where comments related to the actual build will be posted.

My first question is regarding the back of the oven, and wondering if there is a tight enough seal to prevent exhaust gases from entering the oven with it being held in place by rivets. Has any testing been done and I am guessing a lot depends on the soundness and roundness of the parts being used by any individual, but if one felt, after building it that there may be some leakage, what would be the recommended sealant to use?
so far I have found three different threads for comments and queries on the rocket oven and before too long, I think important info is gonna get spread far and wide.

I did see that Paul had created a thread specifically for RO stuff here https://permies.com/t/92027/rocket-ovens, but most other q and a's have been answered here https://permies.com/t/rocket-ovens and here https://permies.com/t/rocket-oven-plans..........

and just to add to the confusion I realise I have made another one.

anyhoo, please is it possible to re group everything so that it is all together??

5 years ago
lovely to see a proper bit of bodging.
5 years ago
Posted a comment in another thread, but this is probably a better place.

I loved the video, a big well done to everyone involved and Tyler was fantastic at explaining all the tricky bits that would catch newbies /novice builders like me out.  Overall , I feel confident about putting the oven bit together, but did have one worry about the back of the oven, the fitting relies on pushing the end in and then fixing in place, from memory I think Tyler used 5 rivets, but does this provide a good enough seal to prevent exhaust gases from getting into the oven?

However, the j tube assembly  was skimmed over very quickly and it was hard to see clearly  how the bricks were put together and the metal sheeting that went over it was cut.  Would have been very helpful to see how the j tube was then attached to the stove.

Is this the right place to start asking technical questions?   I managed to acquire a stainless steel stove pipe, will this be ok to use?  

there is a very inspiring farmer here in NZ called Doug Avery, he farmed sheep in a very dry area of Marlborough - ironically it is where a lot of wine is made as well. He suffered years of losses through drought and was about to give up as he was emotionally and financially at his wits end. He was advised to grow alfalfa/lucerne and from then on, his farm turned around. The sheep always had something to graze, the soil and water holding capacity improved. He has You Tube videos and is worth a watch.
5 years ago