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I have been interested in living close to Nature ever since I can remember. Finding "Secrets Of The Soil" was my eye opening, awakening, and inspiration, for Permaculture,the soil and living sustainably.
Have I to...yes!
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Mont Clare, PA
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Recent posts by Margie Curtiss

Sarah Hazlett wrote:Whoa Craig we must talk! My grandmother lives in Warren OH and i have a 93 acre parcel of shared acreage in PA.  But my heart is here in central Maine! There is a community called "wilder waters",south of Jay. What does the future hold here, maybe communal living will speak to my land co-operator as he ages but i quit holding my breath so looking for options/gumption!

Hi Sarah!

I'm looking in PA to be close to my grandchildren. Where is your shared 93 acres located and would they like another person? I am just starting out on this Journey, and I am going to be 64  with lots of  life and a little farm experience. I do fiber arts (punch needle rugs and crochet) have a sewing machine, seeds, garden and soil building experience, and long time Permaculture enthusiast with a few webinars under my belt along with a multitude of books on earthbuilding, rocket mass heaters/stoves/permaculture, gardening. I'm good to work from about 6am to noon..then I might poop out depending on what the project is. LOL

Would love to be with other older folk living this way of life too, if anyone knows of such a place.

2 years ago

J James wrote:"Just finished a book called Robes by Penny Kelly
Super interesting as it deals with what is happening in the world and what’s coming next.
It’ll get you fired up to Permie MORE!"  

Not sure how this "quote and reply" thing works, but I love Penny Kelly and her books and classes. Another book that Permies might like is "The Elves Of Lily Hill Farm" also by Penny Kelly....a little entree into cooperative gardening with Nature Spirits..fascinating.
2 years ago
Hi Lynne!

Thank you for your reply, and if you would like to talk more about it, please email me,

It's either Vermont, or Hawaii...


2 years ago
Sonya....your dream is beautiful.
3 years ago
Thanks for all this information on cookware! I had no idea about carbon steel, and will be looking into a purchase someday.
Just before high school graduation (1976), a door to door saleswoman sold me on "Temp Tone" stainless steel cookware, that was guaranteed for life. Anyone remember this?
I still have the cookware, minus some handles (and hopefully not chromium poisoning)  and 2 cast iron pans, one skillet is a10.5 inch Wagner Ware, the other is an 8 inch cast calphalon (whatever that is).
I thought I was doing a decent job of avoiding the "not so good for you" cookware.
Thanks for the lesson !!!
3 years ago

Mike Haasl wrote:For people expressing frustration that they'll never own a house or property

That would be me at this very moment, and that doesn't mean that my situation won't change for the better.

My teenage granddaughter, who has her face in either a phone, ipad, or xbox, every waking minute...( I raised her for her first 6 years of life without those things, and happy to say that this does indeed set her foundation) needs this book...I will read it to her if that's what it takes for her to remember all that I have taught her about the natural world ( it's not much, but honor and respect for all of life is  important). Her friends would also benefit, and perhaps getting them talking about this, rather than the latest tick tocker.

I have about a dozen peeps that would read this. Where can I get it?

Thank you all for helping to change minds, methods, and results, for living a more evolved life.


Hi Everyone!
This is a great topic that I have experience often.

Quite by accident, I  discovered Clove Bud Essential Oil.
This natural product not only kills black mold, but also the spores!!! I did research, and it's true.
I sit on my porch often, and the porch side of the house faces North. Very little sun in summer, a few hours at most, and no sun beginning in the fall and winter. I also live in SE Pennsylvania and it is a high humidity zone.
Snow would accumulate on the ply wood which isn't graded correctly, so when it the snow melts, or rain happens, it just puddles on the edge. This also happens on the edge of the tin's a condo community, so if I mention black mold, they are going to tackle it with toxic goo.
I am sensitive to black mold, and hated the smell, so when the snow began to melt, and the black mold smell was intolerable, I grabbed a little bottle of Clove Bud Essential Oil and dripped several drops into the melting water (small porch) . The clove oil sure smells better than the mold!  After about 10 minutes, I wanted to sweep off the snow to avoid pudding, low and behold! The black mold lifted right off! Easy as Pie!!! That's when I ran to my computer to research it more, as I am an Aromatherapist. Wow! It won't harm my out door plants, it is not toxic to humans.
I place it full strength on the plywood to let it seep in for 10 Minutes and sweep around to get all the effected areas, then rinse off.
I cleaned my whole porch with a small bucket of water, a solution of 2oz 7th Generation Laundry detergent, to 30-40 drops of Clove Bud Essential Oil (mix that together first before putting in water) omigawd! No mold, spores, or bad smells!!!
I put a few drop in my dish detergent for dishes, a drop or two in the washer for anything smelly, and it smells like the Holidays.
It is NOT expensive, and a little goes a long way.
Clove Bud is a strong smelling oil, and the scent will linger for a little while, but it doesn't bother me, and I have had no problems with it. Use sensibly.
3 years ago