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Recent posts by K Eilander

david pittaway wrote:He asked his partner to marry him a few days ago, and she said yes. This is obviously due to the presence of the rocket donkey!

** Fine print: Results may vary!

3 hours ago

Question, though: Does the amount of output vary with pressure?

I'm just speculating here, but my knee-jerk reaction is that the difference between a half-full water barrel and a pressurized spigot would have to shake out of this somewhere...
Wow, some great and interesting comments, all!

I liked what Amy said, "Sadly, repair is a myth. Adaptation, mitigation, suffering continues. "  I think that helps me identify what was bugging me about the original video.  Seems like the bureaucracy or whoever wants to say, "Fixed!", but in reality more of a band-aid -- kicking the can down the road whilst storing up future problems.

AndrĂ©s Bernal wrote:In  this video

Geoff Lawton shows how some of the earthworks made back then to fix this problem in Arizona are still functioning.

Especially thanks for that video!  I think that may have at least partially answered my questions about tapping into the aquifer as in the original vid.
In a recent episode of The History Guy on youtube he discussed not just the infamous Dust Bowl of the 1930's but also what steps were taken to repair it.

Obviously, things have healed since then - at least to some extent. But I'm interested in what you think of this from a permaculture perspective.

What do you think of their methods to repair the damage?
Was this an example of how "desertification" takes place? and/or Does what happened afterward apply to the "greening the desert" movement?
What steps should/shouldn't they have done in this instance?
In particular, I'm curious what you think of as far as tapping the aquifer as part of the solution.
4 days ago
Sherlock holmes and watson are walking down fisherman's wharf.
Something goes squish and holmes looks down. "It appears we may have stepped into something."
"Holy mackerel!" Says Watson "looks like something fishy afoot!"
Holmes replies, "no,no.  I think it may be a red herring."
6 days ago
I'm trying out the seed starter mat idea now.

Situation: mat on carpet with blanket over legs. Temperature of about 30F(52C) outside, no direct room heat.

Not hot by any means (like a warm cup of coffee, maybe less), but noticeable and pleasant warming effect when barefoot or socks.

Heat is very consistent and builds slowly over time when trapped under blanket.

cost - $10 or less
waterproof/spillproof (good for under kitchen table)
low power - 21W continuous.
no thermostat to fail
can be repurposed back for its intended use of starting seeds
I feel like there's virtually no chance of fire with this thing, even under a blanket.  

Not a whole lot of heat produced (only 21 watts, remember)
Probably good for only 1 person. (just one may not be enough for full-sized kotatsu)
I'm worried about how it will hold up to being walked on, especially on top of carpet.

1 week ago
General cold stuff - Load up on vitamins C and D as well as elderberry.

For the sore throat, hot lemon juice (add cayenne pepper if it gets really bad).  Ginger snaps made with plenty of cayenne are more enjoyable.
1 week ago
What did Peter Pan eat on his birthday?

A pan-cake!
1 week ago
I did a search before I posted this topic and nothing came up.  

Then after I submitted it, the similar topics bar listed this old thread, which pretty much has all the answers I was looking for:

I'm leaving this topic, however, so that hopefully it will turn up in peoples' searches better and they can then visit that other topic. ;)
2 weeks ago