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Recent posts by ray Bunbury

I made this post a wiki post that anyone can edit.  

Try it.

Ok, I did...should I leave a name or will a new name show each time the post is edited, re-edited, or edited, yet again?

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Wiki Weirdness
PEP BB tool.sand.knife
Rendering Fats
Create a BB for PEP

Not sure what we're looking for but hey have a link or 3 to look at.
So, get that a wiki can be edited by anyone.  And I suppose in any edit, I have the write to be rong and so be it  Happier practicing here that stuffing a great page

one is the lonlyist number that you ever know.

On the other hand, there is always another way to look at it.

So just how does one know which wiki posts can be edited?
- good question.  If you can see an edit button, you can edit the wiki.  But some wikis have only a few people who can edit them.

oh look another change.

Not sure why we're testing editing it. But here goes!

I typed this.

The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things. Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms made out of springs. But how much embodied energy are in Tiggers, and if your area doesn't recycle, are Tiggers ultimately damaging to the environment? We may never know!

Spice Girls

Edited to add: I don't know that I've ever edited one, until this round of gardeners came in!

I, for one, would rather experiment by editing this wiki, than risking screwing up an important wiki. So I'm happy with testing here! Jay A.
Couldn't agree more, Jay!

(20210914 - Thanks for making this post and thread, Jay!)

20201118 clw: Oh neat! I thought I globally didn't have wiki-editing permission. Now I know there's something to look for.
What is a non-drying oil?  Why is it used instead of like oil paint oil?
4 months ago
This is relateable.
glad the dice said there is a toilet - dont want to imagine what he could do otherwise.
4 months ago