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greg mosser wrote:

ray Bunbury wrote:because they have no bones

big fan of slugs, too?

The Banana Slug
Amazing creature.  No bones.  Local version black, not yellow.

Has slime that nums feeling.  Used by dentist called banana cream.  Maybe you had it?  Don't taste like banana

Banana slug have two type
type 1 - small pinis
type 2 - large penis.  Up to 10 times body length.  rocket in pocket slug.

all are true hermaphrodites.  Don't need partner to reproduce (type 2 don't anyway, but type 1 might).  But like partner better.  

Coupling take 48 hour.  
theroy - because can't feel because numbing slime
Therory two - because true hermaphrodites and know most pleasure other slug

18 hours ago
Thank you all.  Good thoughts.

Dentist visit in 9 days because pain moderate-low.  But phone if gets worse and appointment is sooner.

Pain is okay but worry about it getting worse because I don't know what broken tooth can do.

Worst is chewing anything anywhere in mouth.  This makes pain.  So only eating soup.  Not liking soup for 9 more days.  Weight loss plan?  
2 days ago
broke tooth this morning
back tooth with cut edge nex to cheek

10 day until dentis

- less pain in bone?
- not cut cheek?

want to avoid chemical and pills.

eating hurt.
3 days ago
because they have no bones
5 days ago
I got pie - ignore appears
not seeing ignore
I like the word Purple Moosage

My reading is poor.  But I read the meaning clearly in the note.  

It say if I want private I go to a site that give private message or I send emaile to them
internet has many different sites