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Olympia, Washington
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Just north of you in Olympia/Lacey. Looking for property around the area, or possibly working my parents place in Yelm.

I do like the area, and am considering possibly Lewis County for land purchase if I keep having trouble finding a good spot in Thurston.

I am going to start putting together a list of plants to start at my parents, I'd like to get a bunch of stuff growing this spring to get stuff started until I can spend more time there. Want to grow mostly nitrogen fixing/green manure plants and trees to add some much needed hummus. Most of the area is rocky soil that drains super quick. Do have some wetlands though but they are a bit lower so hard to harvest the water to rest of the property. Hoping to build a swale on contour to get stuff started
4 weeks ago

elle sagenev wrote:My land is mostly flat and we have water problems on our driveway. I kind of eyeballed my swales with thoughts going into directing water off the driveway. So my swales are off contour and water does flow from the driveway, into and down the swales.

So if I were you I'd do the most logical swale set up for your land. Further out on my property I'll be looking to do things on contour but around the driveway it's all off and all for drainage.

I would think best bet would be to run the swales, or ditches along your driveway to swales that are on contour which will allow you to soak in all that water
1 month ago
Looks good man,

Have you checked out What the Fungus? They have some good youtube videos that might help
5 months ago
I just rip off the bottom as I plant, better safe than sorry Throw the removed part in the garden to decompose or be a mulch, whatever it chooses