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Recent posts by Chasity Hudgins

Shimshone Geshem wrote:Hi there! I found your post most intriguing. I'm 47 and a widower myself, with no family or attachments to speak of. I'd love to communicate more with you and get to know you better. I live in Southwest Missouri in a permaculture based community (currently there are only two of us that live here but we are seeking others two join us and build a tribe). If you are interested you can email me at or message me on Facebook (Shimshone Geshem).

Hello and thanks for reaching out. Please message me with more information. A picture and some details about yourself would be a great. Thanks!
4 months ago
Spiritual is a very broad term for sure. Thank you,  and I wish you the best in your search as well.
5 months ago
Hi again Matthew,

When I first started having my awakening and I was learning about channeling and automatic writing....something about those things just didn't feel right. I had zero peace about it and actually felt repelled by the thought. I came across Cameron Day's website back in 2015. He wrote an article titled something like "Why I'm no long a lightworker" and I was introduced to the false light movement then. I sort of just tucked the info back into my mind until recently as we've been going through this "virus" thing. I noticed a lot of lightworkers and starseeds(like myself) were getting all these supposed channeled messages from the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command ( I believe these to be Reptilian posing as light) once again I re-visited this thing and I'm pretty convinced that the "New Age" and Conscious Community has been hijacked just like religions and other things.  I don't generally trust any channeled information. I do believe that those of us with spirits do have guides and I believe you can asked them directly if they are benevolent to varify and they have to answer. Just my 2 cents. Hope that helps.
5 months ago

Thanks for your inquiry. It's a bit of a complex thing to try and explain in a concise way. I'm surprised you found nothing in your search as when I search, I have found quite a bit. If you truly are interested in learning about it, this could be a good place to start:

Happy searching! :)
5 months ago
Hi! If I look familiar, I do have another post on here that is outdated and I can't seem to edit or delete.

Currently, I am living in Denver in my travel trailer. I have been desiring to live more self-sufficiently for a while now, but for whatever reason, it seems to keep alluding me.  I haven't given up hope yet, however, I am feeling an even more sense of urgency given the current times we are in. I'm very aware of what is going on in this current reality and I am wanting to create a new and more peaceful and fulfilling realty for myself.  I have done a lot of personal soul work such as dealing with past issues/traumas, perceptions, beliefs, and programming to get me to where I am today. Spirituality is important to me and I believe humans to be more than just a physical being.  My beliefs are unique compared to most and I don't follow any religious beliefs or ideologies. I'm also aware and have moved away from the "False Light" movement. It's hard to quantify my beliefs and perceptions but I will do my best to answer any questions to bring clarification and understanding.

Aside from the spiritual aspect, I consider myself to be a very unique woman. I am physically and emotionally strong and I believe myself to be of great value and character. My skills are wide ranging and I have so many things that I can contribute in many positive ways. I'm quite intellectual and enjoy working with my hands.  Some of the things I have been learning over the years to obtain my goal of self-sufficiency are: building fires/running a wood stove, cooking from scratch, making herbal medicines and natural products such as soaps, balms, and much more. I love to garden using permaculture and Hugelkulture practices. I can use hand and power tools and I love to build/fix things. Learning new skills and concepts excites me. I have driven a tractor a few times, I can drive a stick shift, tow/back a trailer, and more.  I'm just not your average girl. I'm also learning more about the moon cycles/phases, astronomy, plant identification, wild foraging, and more.

I'm hoping to find a partner that I can connect with on many levels, and considering my ecletic might be a very tall order. Ideally I'd like to live in a stable climate away from the very northern states where it's extremely cold and I don't feel drawn to the west coast. Originally I'm from the southeast and I love the Blue Ridge Mountains. The age range I'm looking for is somewhere between 37 and 57. Attraction is a factor on some level.  I'm single, with no attachments. My 2 sons are grown and I currently have no pets. Since I live in a camper, it's easy for me to leave and go to most any place.

My ideal partner would be spiritual, always growing and working on himself, already have some good homesteading skills and ideally can build and fix things quite well. He doesn't really watch T.V. (some movies and documentaries are okay), doesn't smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol (very moderately is okay), he isn't into pornography or professional sports. He believes that men and women are equal in their humanity and that their differences can compliment each other. He is not religious. Mature, intelligent, and a great communicator is very attractive.  Chemistry does seem to matter on some level. I am an Empath so men with a lot of negative thinking or who are given to anger, narcissism, or passive agressive attitudes and behaviors will not work for me in any way.  I like a manly man but one who also embraces his feminine side and who isn't afraid to show emotion. I believe my most compatible partner exists out there somewhere. I am hopeful.  
5 months ago
D. Nelson,

Thanks for reaching out. While I haven't been actively looking, I am single. Feel free to message me if you like.
10 months ago

Thank you so much for your thoughtful message. Very nice pictures as well. I am currently talking to another gentleman from this site, but I do appreciate you reaching out to me. Good luck on your search. I wish you peace and happiness.

2 years ago

So far, I've had messages from 2 persons of interest.
2 years ago
Thanks Pearl! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
2 years ago