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I left Vermont sadly during the pandemic.  Finally getting a new house in the next couple of months, with almost an acre, in the Hudson Valley of NY.  My chickens are with me and will be disgruntled to have to move again.  I can't wait to build gardens and spread wood chips all around!
Hudson Valley, New York, USA
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Recent posts by Anne Pratt

Amazing greenhouse!  I'm jealous; I couldn't pull off such a project.  But I really admire your work.
2 weeks ago
Thank you, Lorinne!

I found the link for a Moston product that looks to be the one on Amazon US.  No, wait.  I found a search page but not that exact product.  But lots of products:
2 weeks ago

Joylynn Hardesty wrote: And hauling the dirt, I dunno. The kid did that for me. He filled buckets with soppy mud and hauled them 50 feet or so, and dumped them out.

Now, in my opinion, that is one handy kid to have around!

Thanks for the rundown.
2 weeks ago
Wow!  This is just beautiful!  How much time did it take (if that's possible to measure)?

I am about to move to a new place and start over again.  So good-looking wattled fencing piques my interest.
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the update.   It sounds like a great service!  I'll have to see what's available in NY.  Best of luck finding other wires!  

I have a remote connection or two.  I was born in IL (Chicago Heights) and my mother was from Cairo.  It was a thriving town back then (I'm 69).  Her parents ran a little corner grocery store, fed the neighborhood on "credit" during the Depression (repaid partially in bits at a time).  Fast forward to now; my daughter married a man born in Glen Ellyn.

2 weeks ago

Michael Cox wrote:

I would generally argue that where capitalism has led to inequalities it is a failure of government to protect it’s people.

The USA has long pursued an idealised form of free-market capitalism, which leave large swathes of the population at a disadvantage. Not all western developed nations have followed the same path.

So this is socialism, right?  I agree in large part - the European economies have protected lower-income people far, far better than we have.  (speaking as a US citizen)
2 weeks ago
Wow, Rachel!

I found this thread really interesting.  And the idea.  I think it connects to my longing to live in a small town with a general store (that is also the post office and sells feed).  I had to leave that town to be near my daughter & family during the pandemic, and here I stay.  But I've found a house I can afford with a small piece of land. . . never mind all that.

Although I participate, far too much, in the digital economy and the nasty capitalist crappy-goods economy, I am cutting back.  Growing vegetables led me to permaculture.  Permaculture led me to  I was derailed after moving from Vermont to the semi-urban part of the Hudson Valley, I am now back online looking at composting, gardening, chicken ideas (my chickens are in a too-small coop in my daughter's backyard at the moment).

I was only derailed for about two years, but it feels like permaculture has been going through a very large expansion!  I picked up a giveaway stinging nettle plant at a megamansion neighborhood nearby, when I noticed that her front garden was mulched with real wood chips. (That was seriously freaky.) Got to talking, her sister works at the native plant nursery in town, got more nettle from her sister in exchange for some of my ever-expanding comfrey supply.  I worked at a large nursery last year and the woman in the herb department was trying to grow out a permie consultation business.  I learned a lot from her and vice versa!

Perhaps it was because my circle was small in Vermont (a town of 666 souls), I didn't know more than one or two permies there.  But I see it all around me now, and I'm still actually living in a little city!

I think that once you have 3 or 4 permaculturists in easy proximity to each other, a tiny distributist community might be born.  (Forgive my ignorant blundering, for all I know about distributism I have read in this thread.)  Could this be true?  I am optimistic.  And since permaculture is global, producing miracles in third-world countries (I was just watching videos about Scotland where huge pieces of land have lost their Scots pines (bring in permaculture!)

I'm excited.  I'm 69 and having health problems, but still looking toward the future.  Lord knows we need help.
2 weeks ago

John F Dean wrote:  At that point I called Julie again ( for non Illinois people, that is the line location service). They told me it was hot.  .

And here I thought Julie was your wife!

And was surprised but accepting that her pronoun was "they."
2 weeks ago

Carl Schleg wrote:Hello Happy People-living in S. Carolina my rabbits LOVE Kudzu, prefer green over dry but will eat it ALL.  Looking toward a better way of storing over the winter.  As well as live pecan and fig leaves.

I can only imagine that eating kudzu must be a win-win down South!  Congratulations to your rabbits for being such good stewards.  I wonder if this would catch on, somehow.  Sorry I have no ideas for winter saving.
2 weeks ago
@Joshua Frank -

Did you ever find a goat rental in the Hudson Valley?  I met one, based in Beacon (right now his goats are in CT, I think).  I'll get his contact info if you need it.
1 month ago