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Now all I have to do is keep the bears out of it!
1 year ago
So if one wanted to generate power just under the normal usage is there an easy way to monitor that? I guess I want to see how many watts are always being used at any moment in my house, not average usage or peak usage.
3 years ago
I added an outside air source to my Blaze King Princess Cat stove this year. The intake at the back of the stove was 4" x 7"...the intake kit (which I didn't buy....made my own) is for a 4" round duct  which reduces the intake cross section by over half . I notice I can damp down the stove lower giving me longer burn times. I am curious....anybody know the burn physics here?
4 years ago
Fun Discussion. Things I learned. 1) after 25 years of heating my home with wood I don't know jack[s*] about how wood burns or how my stove works. 2) that this newfangled RMH is still in it's infancy and there are as many questions as answers. My observation is about my own situation. I have a Catalytic stove that I  load twice a day. I burn about 6 cords a year. When I first ran across the RMH I thought fanatstic! reduce consumption!!  Oh wait...gotta hang around and feed the J tube style,Oh Wait!! Batch Box!! Load er up and walk away, just like my Cat stove. However point 2 above...still in its infancy, and how am I as newbie less than nothing going to build something my Regional District inspector will say OK to. Much work to be done on both ends here. That being said, Thanks! you guys(and girls) are an inspiration!!