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Recent posts by Alexander Morozov

December 22, 2018. The thickness of the snow is about 30 centimeters. I'm doing winter trials.
My assumption:
- connection of logs will be the most durable of available for any loads, if the buckle will be secure,
- connection of logs will be the cheapest if the tensioner will be cheap,
- connection of logs will be the fastest if the sledgehammer and rope removable tensioner will be convenient.
Wild places are in the Russia (Russian Far East) and in the USA (Alaska). I'm watching "Building Alaska" on TV.
We will continue the study of the new carpenter connection, if it would be helpful to others. We will share our experience for free. We are interested in cooperation.
Merry Christmas!
Alexander Morozov. Moscow region. Russia.  +7 903 979 5133.    http://xn--9-gtbdygk.xn--p1ai/index.html
5 months ago
I readed just now.
The emergence of swamps in Russia: Let my cow die, just the neighbor's cow did not calve
"Это разумное решение": Смоленскую область хотят оставить без Днепра. Смоленская область может стать разменной монетой в "битве за Днепр". Тему лишения Украины вод Днепра подняли на телеканале Россия-1 в программе "Вести недели". Проблема в том, что любой сценарий обезвоживания Украины неизбежно повлечет за собой лишение Днепра и Смоленской области.
7 months ago
Hi Travis

Timber Mats are not suitable for Soviet cars and roads with pictures. Do the United States have such cars and roads?
Scientists & engineers In the United States  “...have a policy of responding only to contact from certain states or countries» (Rufus).
What do these scientists & engineers think about drilling roads in the swamp ?
7 months ago
1.Russia can only emulate today. Это беда.
2. Wire or steel rope. Soft wire with a diameter of 5 millimeters begins to collapse at a load of about 500 kilograms. Steel rope of the same diameter begins to collapse at a load of about 1500 kilograms.
3. State standards of the USA and the USSR define the rule of reliable connection of a steel rope as on the picture. I wanted to meet those standards.
4. I think about the manufacture of the body of the buckle from aluminum.
Thank you for attention.
(I ask you to show the grossest errors in my texts.)
7 months ago
Hi Rufus

You wrote: «… your area of Russia may have developed this tool and it's used a lot there. While in the U.S. loggers (for example) use different tools which we have traditionally used here, for the same purposes».

In the USSR I was a very curious scientist (radio engineer). So now, I've done some research.
My research in the USA.
1. I sent a message on October 22, 2018 to  (name-driller, password -1234567890). A few days later it was removed. Why? God knows! You know?
I sent a letters vainly  (China for the U.S. Army!)
2. Letters from  :
October 25, 2018 Thank you. The information you submitted has been sent. Your message will be reviewed immediately and you will receive a
October 26, 2018 Are you looking to sell me tools?  Sell wood?  Buy tools from me?   Tammy Bantle.
3.  Letter from
October 25, 2018 Thank you for taking your time to submit your question to the Michigan State University Extension Ask an Expert group
This group only accepts questions from certain locations and does not take questions from the location attached to your question (Outside United States)
Please select your location and ask your question again to get in touch with local experts.
4.  Letter from U.S. Agency for International Development
November 11, 2018   Dear Morozov Evgeni,
We appreciate you sending us information about the [good/services] that you have available. For more information about working in a country with USAID, we suggest you visit:
USAID partners with a variety of organizations – from small businesses and local in-country organizations to universities and international NGOs – to support and implement a wide range of development programs around the world. For more information … and so on.
I have not received such letters in Russian. I am curious about your opinion.

My research in Russia.
1. I sent letters in 2017 to the leaders of about 50 regions of Russia. I got answers from 27 regions: we do not know and do not need.  In my opinion, Russia is controlled by those who only knows how justly to divide the work of others, rights of others, the freedom of others, the lives of others. Therefore, they can only emulate belligerent effective managers from the USA. They can't emulate Steven Paul Jobs, Henry Ford, … Виталий Лазаревич Гинзбург, Николай Михайлович Амосов … Yes? No?
-  In the forest near Moscow(!) they left the logs to rot. Therefore, I came up with a buckle to build from rotten wood.
-  Because of them I wrote in 2014 http://www.xn--9-gtbdygk.xn--p1ai/house-for-refugees.html . (Loved grandma of my loved grandchildren was born in Makiivka (Ukraine?)).
-  They threw away on trash of shpuntubel his grandfather. Do you know this tool? I'll clean it and varnish it. It will decorate my desktop.
-  The mirror they threw in the trash helps me to pass the narrow gate of the garage when parking.
2.  I sent letters to universities in Russia: you can watch the message of September 27, 2018 in .
2.1. «...this communication may form the basis of the article if the authors proposals relate to temporary structures. With respect» Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Suleymanova, Professor, Belgorod.
2.2. "Dear Evgeniy Alexandrovich! We confirm receipt of your materials for publication. Your topic is interesting, both in terms of construction technology and the use of low-grade materials ...with respect", Nazim Yaroslav Viktorovich, Vice-rector of the Donbass national Academy of construction and architecture. People's Republic Of Donetsk, Makeyevka. (Ukraine?)
2.3. "...the designs you propose ...cannot be used." Vladimir I. Linkov, Professor, Moscow Construction University,
And so on.

Result: my message describes a new one for both the US and Russia.

You wrote: «Does making it require large powered manufacturing equipment or can it be made in a shop»?

The pictures show the tools for making buckles. These tools I made a few dozen buckles. I'll make a couple hundred. It'll be enough for my family. For the manufacture of very large quantity need to do more expensive and complex equipment, in particular, as  only for seamless pipe diameter of 25 millimeters. The main requirement for manufacturing is high accuracy. It ensures the strength of the joint. Sometimes I think the buckle is uncomfortable. Perhaps it should be improved.
7 months ago
Thanks for attention.
It's my family's invention. In Russia, only my family needs them. I want to learn how to make them for others. Does anyone need them? I can send a buckle as a gift.
I'm interested in cooperation.
Sorry, my English is bad. I can't do a good translation of a big Russian text. Это беда.
A similar case: Drilling roads in the swamp.
7 months ago
Use of low-grade wood (a little rotted or small diameter) in construction.
New carpentry connection for building temporary tent system.
- temporary structures in emergency and military circumstances,
- the beginning of the development of wild places,
- the beginning of the restoration of abandoned places.
Tools for couple: chain saw, sledgehammer, wrench, rope removable tensioner.
Reusable devices: buckles, 5 mm diameter steel rope, wedge hinges.
The pictures show:
1. Buckle.
2. Steel rope clamp with buckle.
3. Wedge and clamp.
4. Wedge, clamp and log.
5. Testing of the farm. Hipped roof.
6. Prototype.
I'm interested in cooperation.
Thanks for attention.
Alexander Morozov, driller. Ph: +7 903 979 5133. Moscow region. Russia.

7 months ago