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Recent posts by Aimee Hall

Hello all! Thank you so very much for your interest in my property. I apologize that it has taken me some time to get an answer up. Moving can be crazy as is, half-way around the world even more so.

I do currently have a renter. However, they are not a permaculturally oriented person at all. Their lease is for 11 more months and I will be looking and hoping for someone who is permaculturally inclined to care for the property. It has been written into the lease that no chemicals are to be used on the property without my written consent for any application to keep the property as pure as possible. I will try to address each of you in private as well now that I have internet access again! Thank you all so much and please keep in touch!

Gail brings up some fantastic points and I do hope to fully address those when I have gotten better settled in here. At least as best as I can. (Thanks Gail!)


Gail Jardin wrote:Hi, if you still have a lease open for your permaculture farm please let me know. I live a couple hours away but can visit on short notice. This may be perfect for my needs. I love the school bus chicken coop, I have a skoolie as well. I love heritage livestock and have an intensive heirloom seed collection. Please reply here if the land is still available for lease and I will check my messages. Thank you.

Hello Gail! Yes, my home is still available though others are looking at it as well. I have also reduced the price to $850/mo though it is hard for me to do so since it is already listed below what it is costing me per month. I am super excited to hear it may meet your needs. I will send you an email with both my and my property managers contact information. If anyone else is at all interested, please do not hesitate to let me know! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in the nasty weather!


April Kitchens wrote:This is EXACTLY the opportunity I've been looking for!   Is this still available by chance?

Yes, it is currently available. I will send you a mooseage with my contact information. I look forward to speaking with you soon, April! =)

Mor Lupe wrote:Hello, I am seriously interested in this option. May I have more information (cost,etc)?

Hello there Mor! Thank you for your interest, I am sending you a mooseage with my contact information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I am just now finishing my packing and will be gone right after my mother's birthday. It is very comforting to have so many interested in my place. I do hope I can find someone it will be perfect for. I also hope everyone else is able to find their little piece of heaven on Earth (Or make it!)

It may take me a week or so but I hope to have a whole slew of interior photos available for those who are interested, I will make a second album and post it here.

R Hi wrote:Hi Aimee, I stumbled on your post and this site looking for information on building a home. I am in Illinois now and retiring after the year end. My plan is to get back to nature and self sufficiency. So now I've a new word for what I'm looking for "permaculture". It sounds like a great place you've got there, an interesting opportunity as well. How soon are you leaving ?

Hello R! I am actually leaving in a week but there will be a property manager for my place in my absence to oversee repairs and the like. I would be thrilled to talk to you more so I hope you do not mind, I will send you a moosage with a way to contact me should you be so inclined. There are several potential home sites on my property, as I am hoping to build my dream home here in the future and continue to grow the property.

I have also been meaning to mention that the current house does have with it a washer, dryer, dish washer, refrigerator, stove, & chest freezer. Which may make it more feasible for some. Thank you for your interest!

John Paulding wrote:Well howdy neighbor. I'm in Cherryville. We have 15.5 with a cabin to live in, plus employment in the opposite direction, Cuba,  but if you end up needing someone to stop by and check in on things while you're gone, I could probably do that.

I'm pretty sure Eden wasn't loaded with bugs and methheads but it evidently did have at least one snake.

Hello John! That sounds very nice, except the employment being in the other direction. You are right about Eden, luckily I do not have much trouble here except with june beetles, but this farm is as close to Eden as I will get in this lifetime. I wouldn't move if I did not have to, hopefully it is only a few years. I have hopes to grow this property and form a community. There is more than enough room here for several home sites so that is something I could work out with renters if they are interested.

I also have a huge seed collection of open pollinated varieties. It even contains quite a few perennial vegetables and if someone would make use of that I would give it to them when they rent my farm as I cannot take the seeds with me to Australia. I greatly appreciate the offer and may be in touch if I do not hear from anyone. I have a local property management company that is also looking for someone, I would just much prefer someone who could appreciate the bounty this property has to offer. I worry that though the lease would say not to cut down my trees and bushes, they might anyhow. -_- I haven't heard from Dee yet, but I do hope I hear from her soon.

It is nice to know there are other permies in the area though! I would love to build community here when I return so may have to arrange a meet up for all of us locally! If I don't find anyone I may be getting in touch with you. Be safe, grow & harvest plentifully!

Denise Cares wrote:Hello Aimee,  Do you have an email or phone I can contact you on?  Thank you much.  Dee

Hello Dee,

    I have sent you a mooseage with my contact information. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so very much!
A farm map is also available for any seriously interested. The key is posted as follows, it will give folk a better idea of what is available on the property though without the map the numbers mean very little and a few actual photos of the front. I do not suppose anyone else has any questions or suggestions by chance? Thanks all, so very much!

Map Number Description
1 Well established Hickory Tree by Pond
2 Starking Delicious Plum - Established 2012
3 Star Sugarsweet Pear - Established 2012
4 Sunchoke Bed - Supernova - Established 2018
5 Schisandra Berry under oak - Far Side of Drive
6 Sunchoke Bed - Supernova - Established 2015
7 Schisandra Berry under oak - House Side of Drive
8 Schisandra Berry under oak - Nearest House
9 Honeysweet Pear - Established 2012 - with comfrey underplanting
10 Siberian Pea Shrub with many babies
11 Deep Mulch Garden Bed - Between drives
12 Redbud Tree - Established before 2001
13 Deep Mulch Garden Bed - By driveway
14 Daylily Bed (growing, do not mow)
15 Viking Aronia - Choke Berry - Established 2017 - nearest road
16 Viking Aronia - Choke Berry - Established 2017 - nearest driveway
17 Wild Goose Plum - Established 2018 - near driveway
18 Yoinashi Pear - Established 2012 - Near Pond - With comfrey underplanting
19 Prune D'ente - Prune Plum - Established 2012 - Near Pond - With comfrey underplanting
20 Royal Sweet Cherry - Established 2012 - Near Pond - With comfrey underplanting
21 Pennsylvania Golden PawPaw - Established 2013 - With comfrey underplanting
22 Mango Pawpaw - Established 2012
23 Siberian Pea Shrub
24 Cordifolia Arguta Female Kiwi - Established 2012 - With comfrey underplanting
25 Jumbo female Kiwi - Established 2012 - With comfrey underplanting
26 Arguta Kiwi Male - Established 2012 - under oak tree
27 Lower Strawberry Beds - Established 2017
28 Sunflower Pawpaw - Established 2012 - With comfrey underplanting
29 Siberian Pea Shrub - by pond
30 Siberian Pea Shrub - by strawberries
31 Upper Strawberry Beds - Established 2017
32 Blackberry Bushes - Established 2012 - 12
33 Johnson Apple Tree with self established Mulberry trees - Established 2001
34 Wicking tote herb garden 4-2' tubs (Includes thyme & catmint)
34 Wild Goose Plum - Established 2018 - near garage corner
35 Septic Tank Access
36 Garlic Chive Bed
37 Peony Bed
38 Hickory Tree - Established pre 2001
39 Aimee's Favourite Oak Tree - 6 - 2' wicking tubs underneath
40 Workshop Wicking Tubs - 5 - 2' wicking tubs
41 Bubblegum plum - Established 2012 - With comfrey underplanting
42 Siberian Pea Shrub - Near bubblegum plum
43 Siberian Pea Shrub - Near compost bin
44 Big Tart Cherry Tree - Established 2001
45 Starkrimson Cherry - Established 2012 - With large comfrey underplanting
46 Big comfrey patch for taking cuttings from
47 Small perennial garlic bed - Near Favourite Oak Tree
48 Big perennial garlic bed - Near Neighbours
49 Stark Surecrop Pecan - Established 2012 - With comfrey underplanting
50 Stanley Prune Plum - Established 2012 - With large comfrey underplanting
51 Colby Pecan - Established 2012 - With comfrey underplanting
52 Biointensive beds - Established 2017
53 Bradford Pear - Established 2001
54 Aimee's 2nd Favourite Oak Tree
55 Gooseberry - Captivator - Established 2012
56 Siberian Pea Shrub - Near Biointensive Beds
57 Trazel Hazelnut - Established 2018 - By neighbours
58 Gooseberry - Black Velvet - Established 2012
59 Sunflower Pawpaw - Established 2012 - With comfrey underplanting
60 Trazel Hazelnut - Established 2018 - By driveway
61 Gooseberry - Poor Man - Established 2012
62 Gooseberry - hinnomaki yellow - Established 2012
63 Gooseberry - Hinnomaki Red - Established 2012
64 Gooseberry - Red Jacket - Established 2012
65 Gooseberry - Captivator - Established 2012
66 In Front of House 4 - 2' Wicking tubs with self-reseeding annual flowers (shade loving)
67 Wild Blackberry Bush
68 Red Flower Bush - Species Unknown
69 2 wooden strawberry boxes near house
70 Passionfruit vines (climb garage & greenhouse & Front trellis) with strawberries & morning glory
71 Garage - 12 - 2' wicking tubs - 1 contains perennial herb hyssop
72 Back Pasture
73 Rose of Sharon Bush against garage
74 Purple Iris Bed behind garage
75 Unidentified Pink Flower Bush behind house
76 Mock Orange bush on side of house
77 7 small chartreuse and red bushes with red winter berries - established pre 2012
78 4'X12' Wicking bed near pond
79 4'X12' Wicking bed further from pond
80 9 - 2' wicking tubs near wicking beds
Best of luck selling your property. It is indeed a gorgeous area (is where I am currently living) and I have found that the permaculture and off-grid communities are growing rapidly around here. Cheers!

Alex Riddles wrote:If I was looking for a tenant in Salem I would have mentioned how close it is to the Current River.  There is a significant tourist trade with trout fisherman and camoeists visiting the area.  This might provide an additional market for any produce from the farm and possibly revenue from camp sites.  Just a thought.  

That is an excellent point, Alex. Thank you so very much. I took a bit of time to compile this hopefully helpful information about the area:

Salem itself is a small town with a community eager to welcome others. The town itself is small but healthily growing in amenities to account for the ever swelling tourist populations.

My farm is located just out of the city a short ways past the local health food store and recycling center - Hall's

It is entirely plausible for an individual or family to make their living entirely off of this land with some hard work. Especially considering there is a lot of establishment already in place.

Salem is a massive tourist destination for all of the warmer months of the year. It has a local farmers market in need of more niche products. For the entirety of the summer, the population swells with tourists seeking a nice relaxing vacation on the local waterways. This location is near several major natural attractions; Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Montauk State Park, Mark Twain National Forest, Onondaga Cave State Park, Meramec River, and Meramec Caverns. The Ozarks is a gorgeous area as well, which attracts many simply to enjoy the scenery and a quieter pace of life.

Salem is located a little over two hours from St. Louis or Springfield and is right at two hours from Columbia offering lots of access to big city shopping and markets if needed while still being secluded enough to have nice clean air and lots of country charm. My farm could indeed be set-up to host campers or I have considered finishing out the workshop into a tiny house down the road. There is definitely potential for hosting people as the local hotels are usually more than booked solid and I have a friend here that through the summer months makes $50/night profit through Airbnb renting one of her rooms out, and it stays booked most of the time Spring through Fall (She really only gets people visiting family for the holidays during Winter though.) She does have to clean up after them and she said some guests take more time than anticipated, so it would not be something everyone would want to do.

Also, I am more than happy to help mentor renters through learning permaculture and many practices through video calls and the like if it helps. I don't mind at all being available to bounce ideas off of, and I am very open to modifications to the farm. I know a lot of you have big ideas, one of the things I love about these forums!

@bernetta putnam - Heh, I wish I could but unfortunately I have to leave the country, and in less than 30 days! I am trying not to panic too much that the people I had setup to rent my place backed out a few weeks ago. The permaculture life is a lot of work and not for everyone! I hope you find the place of your dreams soon though! Best of luck. =)