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since Dec 17, 2018
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Graduate of Metropolitan State University focusing on sustainable agriculture. Blending ancient farming techniques with new technologies. Area was hit bad by the Hi Meadows Fire in 2000, working to create an alpine permaculture research farm out of the ashes. Banana belt, south facing, 80 acres.
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Pine, Colorado
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Recent posts by Perric Falcon

John Kompa wrote:Hi all,

I'm looking for advice/solution to something I noticed yesterday while in the family garden.  We planted okra for the first time and it had a bit of a rough start, but is taking off now.  I noticed yesterday that one of the plants had a swarm of black ants across the pods and one of the leaves.  I don't recall any noticeable damage to the plant, however I am concerned.  I have no experience in growing and nurturing okra.  Are the ants/aphids damaging the plant? Is this something I should be worried about.  I reviewed a handful of sites online which states that the ants are attracted to the honeydew the aphids give off.  


without a picture you probably have aphids, hose them off and the ants should retreat they ants wont damage the plant but aphids will. cheers.
1 week ago
Here are two photos, one with just the corner posts in and the next with the H brace installed, Bryant's suggestion of bracing the corners is imperative, without some sort of bracing the corner posts will lean. H bracing like we did is not the only way to do it, it just works best for us and after doing one the rest are a snap.
2 months ago

wayne fajkus wrote:I'm fattening 2 cows right now. I just bought seed. I'm gonna throw it out in a 6ft foot circle and drop a bale of hay in the middle.  Will do this every 2 days. I bet it works good. It should coat an acre

This is a great idea we will be hoping to replicate once our permiter fence is up, we have been overseeding in the meantime, please post updates to let us know how your method works!
3 months ago

hunter miller wrote:Once the rain lets up I am going to attach my woven wire to my fence post. My pen is 40*70 its for Nigerian dwarf goats and I have 4' high fencing my question is the corners due to the limited space to stretch should I stretch it around the corners in one continues run or should I stretch to the corners and wrap the post then start another run I have seen both? Some of the reason behind doing sections I guess if there is a bad spot that needs work you done have to undo the long run.

I would pull it in sections, easier to get it tight that way and like you mentioned much easier to repair down the road.
3 months ago
+1 to guinea fowl and deet (unless someone has a deet alternative), I also bathe in a lemongrass peppermint soap that is supposed to be beneficial (it is dog shampoo). If you've got em like we do anything is worth a try.
3 months ago

Aaron Tusmith wrote:weekly update brings me to one month without smoking. Feeling good about it. I've encountered a few more triggers and stressful situations such as driving long distances but have managed to stay smoke free. Happy Saturday!

I used to chew a tea tree oil toothpick when the long term cravings came on, sold them at the check out of a grocery store. They make cinammon flavor too.
4 months ago

Perric Falcon wrote:

Alex Arn wrote:A few Pictures.

+1 to excavator, perhaps a mini excavator and a used older model tractor?

beatiful land by the way!
4 months ago

Alex Arn wrote:A few Pictures.

+1 to excavator, perhaps a mini excavator and a used older model tractor?
4 months ago

Mike Jay wrote:Are you hauling it just to help him get rid of it or also for your use/benefit?

If it's just a "job", I'd base it off the mileage and time required.  In your case, I'd assume primarily the time since it's only 5.5 miles.  Unless it's a horrible dirt road or something.  Figure out what your time is worth and charge accordingly.  

If you're getting a similar amount of benefit to what he's getting from doing this work, just take the number you'd want if it was a job and divide it in half.

If I had an excessive pile of horse poop and couldn't find people to take it for free, I'd probably be willing to pay $10 to get rid of a large truckload of it.   But I don't have horses...

Thanks Mike, I do want it for my own benefit to use to make soil and add to our compost. The road is unfortunately horrible winding dirt mountain road, but $10 a truckload was right around what I was thinking. Thanks very much
4 months ago
Hey everyone,
   Quick question, I have an opportunity to haul pick up truck loads of manure from a horse farmer 5.5 miles away and he has offered to pay me for hauling it. He asked how much I'd like and I just told him whatver he thinks is fair and we can work something out as I have no experience hauling for payment. I have tried searching on google but havent found any information on basic price hauling that makes sense to me so any suggestions are appreciated. Is $10 a load offensive to ask for or am I selling my self short for the gas involved and the time it takes me to manually unload the manure?
4 months ago