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since Dec 30, 2018
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fungi building homestead
I'm 51, tall, in great shape, and very active outdoors. I can build you anything your heart desires.
I have no children.
I've lived remote and off grid for many years, but currently reside in Edmonton.
My dream is to meet a beautiful lady with interests in living a simpler life. Pick a place to settle and live happily ever after.
Northern Alberta
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Hi Patricia.
Hope things work for you with the heat issue.
Stay focused and be creative.
Be thankful you dont live in northern Canada..its real cold..
2 years ago

Wow, did these words make me read 3 times...

I value compassion, strength, leadership, honesty, loyalty, and humor in a man far more than what he does for a living.  I work a full-time job in addition to working on my permaculture project and am looking for a good, loving, hardworking man who is supportive of and excited about building something beautiful together, someone who would be happy to be my business partner and (hopefully) eventually my partner in life.  

If this sounds like you, I'd love to hear from you (and about you).

Hi Dee, you are an incredible lady.
I'm Brian,  if you'd like to talk, I'd love your attention.
2 years ago
Typing really isnt my thing, I'm more of a hands on kinda guy.
But I'll give it whirl..
Good ol canadian guy here.. I'm Brian.
I'm an outdoor active 51yo guy that stays in great shape and works hard.
I am single/divorced, no kids, and seeking to meet someone real sweet.
Growing up in northern Alberta and throughout the NWT I've developed a real passion for living off grid and in remote locations. I have the connection with nature to bring most days together in harmony.

I'm a very skilled guy when it comes to building anything, I've made a living at it for along time. It's also one of my biggest passions.
Another big passion of mine if finding and harvesting the elusive Chaga Mushroom,
found in my part of the bush. I do it for others in need..
Lover of all seasons, winter rocks.
I'm a cancer of you believe in astro compatability.
I've lived and worked in the Bush my entire life, I take care of business and plan ahead like a smart woodsman would do.
As much as I love being away from the madness of a city, it's hard to do it alone, and that's why I'm here.
I am looking to meet a beautiful lady that's wants love first and foremost, and to have the same common goal to live peacefully and free of societies expectations.
My wishes are simple and very realistic and achievable.
If living a simpler life, where we figure things out and conquer, respect each other as an equal, and look out for each other, is your thing, I'd love to hear from you.
Hope your day is good, and as Red Green would say.. Keep your stick on the ice..
2 years ago
Thanks Greg.
2 years ago
I can build you anything your heart desires but I cant figure out how to attach a picture to my profile, my post, or a reply.
Can someone help me out please?

Hope your day is fantastic.

2 years ago
I'm Brian.
You got my attention with, although I'm in Canada... and lots more about you.
I live in Alberta.
Maybe we can be friends?
Hope your day is good.
2 years ago