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Thanks everyone for your suggestions!!  Think I'm gonna get a higher end jacket and veil and I can do jeans and such for the rest.  
5 months ago

John Paulding wrote:Check here for storage or cellar or vegetable

Some are involved but some not so much. Some are low quality old copies of drawings from the 1930, some are newer and easier to read. Might find something or get an idea from them.


Bleh. Looked through it and didn't see much. Seems like I ran across more basic, smaller plans years ago.

The book; How to grow vegetable's and fruits by the organic method, by Rodale has some simple storage methods.

If you give me individual veggies, I'll look them up.

The book's worth buying though.

John, I looked at the link and didn't see anything either.  Thank you for the attempt!!

Bryant RedHawk wrote:Here in Arkansas the best root cellars (ones that work all the way into our hot summer weather) are more cave like than most of the easy way to root cellar methods (which work great unless you have high humidity and high temperatures).

We are building a true root cellar (dug into the bed rock and covered with earth), but you can get away with a partially sunken one as long as you can cover it with about 2 feet of soil.
If you are going to have a storm cellar installed, those make pretty good root cellars too as long as you get one with enough space for some shelves and the people who will be using it during a tornado event.


Bryant... thanks for the info.  I do have areas on my property where I could go in the side of a slope.  I guess anything worth its salt will be a lot of work.  Those cans in the ground just seem somewhat pointless... esp. when summer comes around.  
Hi Pete,

Wish I had an answer for you.  I also have sulfur water but I just deal with it.  Mine may not be as bad as yours, though.  And, yes... I have found when I go away for a couple days and it sits that it's worse in the beginning.  Since sulfur is a gas, I put the water in my Berkey and the gas dissipates and the water is great to drink.  Many people around me have good filters that completely remove the smell but I'm not sure what kind of filters they are.  I know I'm being no help... just commiserating, I suppose!
5 months ago
Hi All,

I put my order in for my first nuc and pick it up in spring.  I have been searching online looking at bee keeping suits but am really unsure what to get and if it matters.  I have seen full suits range from $70 up to $200.  Can I get some suggestions on what might be the best thing to get, what to stay away from or suggested brands and/or designs?

5 months ago
Hi All... I would really like a root cellar on my property in the future. I have 30 acres in the Ozarks. I'm solo homesteading so I have to be very intentional and realistic about my projects. I've looked online for how to do a root cellar and ideas seem to range from extremely elaborate cellars practically good enough to live in on one end... to sticking a metal trash can in the ground on the other end. I'm looking for something in between. I don't want to waste time with something like a hole in the ground because items won't survive the summer heat. Does anyone have suggestions on how to construct a root cellar that takes some effort, but doesn't practically require an architect to design? LOL. Thanks in advance!

Terri Matthews wrote:Have you read this?

Terri... No, I haven't!  I read the reviews on Amazon and it looks really interesting.  Thank you for the suggestion!
5 months ago

Amanda Launchbury-Rainey wrote:I do wish you all  the very best!

Amanda... thank you!
5 months ago

Carol Chung wrote:Is it possible for women to homestead ALONE?  

I'm 38.  Living in nature and being self-sufficient has always been my dream.  But I have a few worries.  One of them has to do with the safety of living alone in the rural areas.  Because I have heard stories of single women getting robbed (even though she was living very close to neighbours).  And it seems it's not uncommon to hear about burglaries in the countryside, in both developed and developing countries.  I'm worried.

Not sure if anyone is reading this still, but the post was shared with me.  Yes, it can be done!  I'm doing it on 30 acres in the Ozarks of Arkansas.  I also have a blog and a Facebook page I've just started.  Would love to hear about others doing the same thing!  Don't let anyone tell you that you can't.  You don't know till ya try.

Lazy Dog Ranch & Homestead Facebook Page

Lazy Dog Ranch & Homestead Blog

5 months ago