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We are becoming a Nation that has lost it's Common Sense.Saving the Earth using Permaculture just makes SENSE! Think about how you can live on a Planet that not only are you happy with but is "happy with you"?! Right?💁
4 days ago
I don't have a hashtag but I just drew this and you may use it.
5 days ago
An old Scottish farmer used to save his paper money by stuffing them in his ear. finally getting $2,000 pounds in his ear!  After a year or so the throbbing in his ear was just too great so he hauled himself to a proper doctor in Glascow. The expert ear doctor looked at the ear and started to remove the pounds; one thousand nine hundred and ninety pounds he declared to the farmer! The farmer exclaimed with much relief " I knew I wasn't feeling two grand!" from Des Keough.
5 days ago
I do digital graphics,digital photography and used to do water color painting
2 weeks ago
On You Tube "Living Big in a Tiny House"is excellent!
3 weeks ago
It took me two minutes on my android to scroll down to "reply"I am so impressed at the Permie community dialogue! I think you plan a wonderful construction job!The community here is 100 percent supportive! Thanks!
3 weeks ago
Oh waste not want not.
What's better than a drop in
The bucket for Life?                  
3 weeks ago
A while back we used to get the greatest peaches at the greatest prices at the Jamaica Farmers Market in Queens,N.Y. A farmer by the name of Siek Postma used to come in from No.New Jersey .He was thrown out of the Union Square Market for charging too little. He was a farmer who liked to help poorer people.
This particular year there had been a drought so Siek pumped water from his rich pond to feed the white peaches. He brought them to market at their peak and at the end of the day he had about twelve left.He gave them to my wife and I for 50 cents! We went home and the next day it was 103 degrees outside. We decided to make peach pie.We had a great recipe for pie crust from a lady who worked the church thrift shop.It had lard in it.With sweat pouring down us and a cold towel on our necks we peeled those sweet white peaches and rolled our dough. The aroma in the oven could have knocked over Betty Crocker! Did we enjoy that peach pie so much in our air conditioned living room! When we are 100 years old we will remember Siek Postma whose drought made for the sweetest and best pie we ever ate!!!
4 weeks ago
I first tasted Winesap apples at a Washington Park Green Market. They are sweet with a wine taste (red wine). They taste a little like a sweet winey Macintosh. Boy so good!
4 weeks ago