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Find out about how harmless Freemasons really are:9/11 No Planes | 9/11 PLANES HOAX

stephen lowe wrote:What is the purpose of this thread here? There are loads of places to talk about religion and conspiracy all over the internet, why here? How does your take influence your approach to self sufficiency and natural food?

I'm also curious why you choose catholicism as opposed to other christian denominations?

It is quite amazing that one can talk about anything in Cider Press but belief in Catholicism draws such varied and negative questioning. This is why I write. If you are not interested in this thread,pass it by. Maybe you may question your views maybe not. I am not writing to justify only to illuminate.I do believe this forum is Religion and Spirituality. Why do you question it's legality here? I've also noted that all the comments received likes but mine has none.No prejudice here Permies?

Timothy Markus wrote:Stuart, do you preach on the street?  I don't mean to offend you, but I am curious.

. No I do not preach on the street. The purpose of this thread is to enlighten those who judge the Catholic Church from how the Media including movies and books are depicting it. One should not be surprised that I speak of infiltration it is a historical fact that goes far back. Judas Iscariot could also be so described. The Communists certainly had "peace priests" that even became bishops. Many also cooperated with Hitler against the Pope's orders. There are many major events that Freemasons have controlled like 9/11. Send me a purple moose message and I will give you a link to prove that it was perpetrated by the Bush cabal and media.
There is "the Press"and there is the "Gift". I as a Catholic have experienced both. "The Press" only gets it half right; at times they see the true ugliness just enough for prejudices to complete the picture. I also have "the Gift". The "Gift" is the inner certainty gift through Baptism and Confirmation that gives an inner peace and strength.This is not about men but about God dwelling in you or rather you in Him. There have been many forces from without and within the Roman Catholic Church seeking to make scandal. Some of these are organized and infiltrative.It is not a hard thing to overthrow men in the church.But it is impossible to overcome the inner "Gift". It is no surprise that men fail and fall but God never does. The Cross leads to success and not failure. But it is primarily for the next life in Heaven and not to be judged by any man's standards.
As an urban Nomad homeless I have no choice but to live in this city but it has become true madness as of late. The crowds alone can drive you nuts. When I first starting working in the early seventies there on Fifth Avenue were crowds but each navigated with each other in a profound weave that is an anachronism today. If I were to count each day the cut-offs I would certainly reach 100. So density can work or not work. It depends on the character of the people. People looked to sustain their lives then not luxuriate. A vacation in the mountains was all right not a visit to China. Rent was easy to make. So Greed can definitely affect livability in cities.
4 years ago
Two of my favorite musical artists ( 3 actually) are local Staten Islanders, Cheyenne Poidomani, her mother Teresa Figgiani and Chris Viola. Chris and Cheyenne sing this cover of Over and Over Again . Teresa and Cheyenne are unbelievable Watch "Over and Over Again Cover- Chris Viola, Cheyenne, and Lujan" on YouTube

on YouTube.Watch "Music of the Night- Barbra Streisand & Crawford ( Cover by Teresa & Cheyenne) Mother Daughter Duet" on YouTube

4 years ago
I'd like to jump back into this great discussion we're having. Cities are necessary and good when they serve humanity. New York City in the 1950's and early 60's is an example.This is where I grew up. There were plenty of jobs, housing and an abundance of leisure options for the working class. Restaurants were cheaper and with so many options.If you wanted to move there were so many decent and cheap options. Civil Service had plenty of openings that were truly open to all. Today you got to know someone. Today restaurants are expensive. Working people are struggling to pay the rent. Forget about moving! Greed has changed the reason for big cities.      Abortion kills lives and hurts survivors. It is not an option without cost. Either we want to be blessed or cursed by children. One can always say no and use a highly effective natural cycles method. Worked for us for 25 years. Going back to the land is the healthy trend of our day and Permaculture is the way to do it. Exclamation Point!
4 years ago
Go across the face of the entire Earth and you will find a more or less common moral code especially about murder and abortion. The law of God is written in your hearts. Even those who never read it know it! We have truly been brainwashed by materialistic communistic thinking to believe murder and abortion are antidotes to overpopulation!  Lack of Wisdom, selfishness and Greed need their brainwashers!
4 years ago