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Finally moved to the country....YEA !!!
My interest include companion gardening, chickens, cats, dogs,and trying to to get a food forest going this summer 2019 now that I have a bit of seeds saved to spare for the project.
My goal is to have enough food grown to be able to feed our household with quality food that heals the body. It would also be nice if I could share a bit with those in need. With a bit of moxie, a whole lot of stubbornness and some decent health, the dream will come true.

Tired of of working for others and putting money into an economy that is designed to fleece the common folk of their hard earned money and back into the almighty corporation pockets that see their employees as a resource to be exploited.
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We had a snow day😝
It is April.... Seems like the mild wintry weather plans to stay and here I am excited to just get out their and plant things but seems like I will not get the chance to do so for another week or two at the very least.  

I have a flax seeds hanging about, hopefully they are still viable and grow up straight. Ah guess, I will just content my self with a few trays of  cold crops for now.

But grats on publishing your book R Raven . That is really awesome thing to have accomplished.
2 weeks ago

jacque greenleaf wrote:I quit using regular shampoo and conditioner several years ago. I have curly hair, and the silicone in most shampoos/conditioners is not good for curls.

I thoroughly "wash" my hair every two or three days with plain water in the shower. About every week or ten days, when the oil builds up, I use some Dr. Bronner's liquid soap on it. I've never had so many curls with so much body.

I've used Dr. Bronner's for showering for years, I buy it by the gallon and dilute it. And do I ever love not having my shower cluttered up with numerous plastic bottles of various goops.

Been using Dr. Bronner for a few years and coconut oil as a conditioner after I started to start being sensitive to commercial shampoo and body wash. I very happy with it over all, even if I over do the oil somtomes. Takes two years to go threw the coconut oil 22 dollar costco tub and I buy a litre of Dr. Bronners any where from 4 to 6 months depending on how often I wash the dog with it also.
1 month ago
I Would start looking into long term seed storage . This article explains how to keep them for a good 10 years.

I Would take a look at local seeds swaps or this website has a yearly seed swap that just went by:

My local library is doing an urban gardening seed  check out where you can check out 3 packets and return it with the seeds saved. If you fail at growing the checked out seed you just bring in some seeds of the same value  that you checked out.

And of you could always sell your seeds on kijiiji or Craigs list to be used this year at in gardening starter package for 10 to 20 bucks. I am sure lots of people would be interested.

If hadn't bought all my seeds this year I would probly be bumming for a package.

Or heck you could do a version of the winter jacket on trees for the needy/ftwd highway box and hang a zip lock bag full of seeds with a message to take what you need and leave what you don't.

Dem Krebs wrote:Hmm, it depends in your area, of course, but I find peas to be easiest. Just give them a trellis and they're happy to go until the weather gets too hot. Just so long as you keep them picked, of course.

Peas also have good germination rates and are typically pretty forgiving of poor soil and cold, damp spring weather. They're pretty pest resistant too. I had aphids on them one year, otherwise no bugs bother them here. Just powdery mildew at the end of the season.

Of course, peas will grow from the end of May until usually the end of July for me. This year they went going right through August too, though. I imagine in a hotter place, peas are a right nightmare to time correctly for new gardeners and they wouldn't find them that easy to grow.

Peas are the only thing I have not worried about growing from the first year even if I only have 2 and a half months without frost. I also have poor  soil it mostly sand and I suspect it may be some ph issues but will have to wait till I can do a few at home test. Carrots also are easy enough.
It good to stop reading the news, social media,  stop hanging out with people that go out of their way to put you down or their jollies from backhanded compliments. Whatever your triggers you do the best to minimize the time you spend on it.

Instead read a book, play an offline game, take a little road trip to take a few pictures with no where in mind, meditate, try some reiki or message, accupuncture,listen to music that cheers you up, , take a bath,  sit by the window to enjoy the sun or some birds eating from a feeder, watch some fish in the water, lie down look up at the sky and feel  the wind on your face, smell the grass, close your eyes and take deep breaths, listen to the sounds with no one around. Or try a hobby that involves precision and repetitive movements like a martial art or knitting,  japanese tea ceremony, bread baking.

Try to remember even if things are bad now, life comes in waves.
1 month ago
Nice, think I am gonna use that for peas.
1 month ago
I believe that permaculture will soon become very acceptable in the next decade, between the popularity of the survivalist preppers out there and people like myself 30 to 40 year olds who are quite disillusioned with work culture/jobs availablity/low wage standards will be turning other methods more and more just to make ends meet.

Many of the cooks that work with my man do the best they can with their back yards. One lives in a trailer but has a raised beds squished into his insanely tiny plot. The head chief has made his bark yard into a garden and uses the restaurants rooftop for a herb garden. One of the dishwashers keeps pestering my man for some of my little Rhode Island Reds' eggs and would like to be gifted a chicken for his own fresh eggs.

For our own adventures, we put a down payment on  a more then reasonably priced house with 15 acres that was once used for growing hay on family owned cattle farm. There is no infrastructure for animals but I am happy with just chickens should we not be able to afford to build for more livestock other then perhaps keeping pigs over the summer to be butchered at the end of fall.

This going to be our third year here, my man used to be annoyed on my harping on about having land to farm and obsessing over how many acres came with the property while we were looking threw the real estate ads. I started the garden with a shovel and bucket to clear out the top of the field. Second year we an old tiller bought and all the basic gardening tools. This year my man will be taking a vacation to help clear out more space for the garden and have it filled as soon as possible, the best part, he was the one that suggested the working staycation.
I have a traditional garden for the time being and I tend to poke holes with a discaded handle of shovel with a pointy end then sprinkle the in expensive like carrots around rather then make myself sore not picking the area then rake it over the area.

Too my surprise more then in the walking area of the rows that were un fertilized then on the row made for it. To the point that I had to walk on the slant or the row to avoid the crops. : D

Life sure is funny sometimes, it felt like the garden knew I have limited time to work on my feet (chronic inflammation sucks) and was mocking my best
Hey guys, just thought I would let you know that there is a version of the cheese vine at my local family owned nursery.

Seeing as it is a small to med size business you may be able to shoot off an e-mail to see if they would mail the vine.

AS for me, my man will be  picking one up before heading to work today. He will most likely be showing it off to his cook friends. Kinda jealous they may have a taste of it before I do.      : C
1 month ago
Cats can get out of hand  on any where, cities, farm, and oh islands. I have two indoor only that are adopted from local shelter. Both cats are fixed so we are not going to have issues there.

I do feel terrible bout the neighbors barn cat. They sold their their cows so imagine the barn she called home is no longer warm enough. The neighbors do not seem to care that she spends time around our home. So our two indoor cats take care of mice rats inside the house and the barn cat does a fair  job with what she finds outside.The barn cat has not been socialized properly with humans. She still does not trust me 100%, that is the main reason I have not brought her inside with the us.

We are considering making her a spot in the chicken coop or near it for her to take shelter in the winter. She is  a one tough little kitty. Her ability to survive in this climate amazes me. She is so very thankful to have a bowl a kitty kibble handed to her when she makes her visit. Plus it keeps her from scavenging in our trash bin.

The one bit that can add to if you do need a cat around for rodents, please check your local shelter, every so often they have cat that will not let anyone adopt unless they have suitable outdoor barn/shed and ofc shelters always have the cat fixed so indecisiveness will not be an issue.
1 month ago