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Recent posts by Gail Jardin

I can only find land for about 3k per acre, a little discount for cash up front instead of land contracts. I see large 100+ acre parcels for as low as 2K an acre but could never afford that, lol.  I'm hoping to find something more affordable but I doubt it.
1 month ago

Mike Jay wrote:Hi Gail, it's pretty clear you live in the US now (unless other countries have a "midwest").  Would you need to stay in the midwest or are other regions/countries an option?  I'm not your guy (married) but figured it could help the right people to find you.  Good luck with your "crisis"

I'd prefer to stay in Missouri but am open to other states or countries. Although my being a cliche American redneck might not go over well in some places. Thanks for the help and conversation.
1 month ago

Liv Smith wrote:In my experience, the grains will need some time to adjust. Discard the first one or two batches, until you get one that has a pleasant smell and taste.

If you don’t want to waste milk, maybe start with a very small amount, say 1 tsp grains into a cup of milk.

And hopefully, the milk you’re getting/buying from that farm lasts more than 2 or 3 days in the refrigerator. If not, I would NOT use it!

I agree with the last statement here. Raw milk should be good for about a week (not that it will last that long without being consumed). I buy one too two gallons on Saturday and there is never any that goes bad over the week of drinking it.
I have had a difficult time acclimating grains when I make milk kefir too. They are picky and like consistency, but I have never had any home made kefir make me ill. A few times it's not tasted perfect but still consumable.
1 month ago
I make most of my own herbal preparations.
Ranging from spicey fire cidre to elderberry syrup. My favorite is herbal infused kombucha, its healing herbs and probiotics. I also enjoy making infused ghee.
I make hand and body salves with herbs and organic oils. Right now I have a hand salve with comfrey and wintergreen is a cocoa butter and lanolin base that is getting my hand and cheeks through the winter.
I used to be a massage therapist so I often make either essential oil blended oils or herb infused oils.
Some things I have been slacking on this year are making bath salt blends, I have just been tossing salt and a few drops or oil or a reusable tea cloth with herbs in the tub.
I'm hoping to become better at foraging for healing herbs like jewelweed for nettle stings and plantain for bee stings.
Does anyone here have a non medicinal, natural first aid kit? if so I'd like to know what you stock it with and how.
1 month ago
Who here has a bus? I'm still working on converting mine and have run into some mechanical problems. I plan to use it as a stationary cabin once I find some land. Building a skoolie has taught me so much about what I don't know but hopefully have enugh confidence to build a cabin once I buy land.
1 month ago
Is there a separate forum for home brewing? If not those are a couple of my current fermentation, I'm making a dark stout for St. Patricks day and a grape/cherry red wine.
I also have kombucha, herb infused kombucha and wate kefir (but my grains are not replicating).  Usually I have a batch of fire cider fermenting each winter but did not make a batch this year.
For food I usually have a half gallon of saurdough and saurkraut going at most times. Sometimes I ferment other simple root veggies like carrots and ginger or beets and garlic.
On occasion I make real corned beef or salt cured fermented salmon. I also have kefir grains and used to make raw milk kefir but haven't in a while, nor do I make yogurt anymore now that I don't have any dairy animals.
I never make enough to store for more than a week for any veggies or drinks. Does anyone make shelf stable ferments for overwintering without cannin?
1 month ago
Have you started working on a skoolie? I'm hoping to use mine as a cabin for a few years while I build a real cabin or yurt and little homestead around it. I'm still looking for land but the experience from converting a school bus is worth the time.
1 month ago

Mark Roberts wrote:Country?


1 month ago
I'm turning 39 at the end of the month and want to return to the simpler life that I once knew. I grew up on a small farm, lived on a small homestead with my ex and now that I'm single find myself in an apartment. That's not the life for me so I bought a school bus and am working on converting it. Eventually I hope to find a piece of God's glorious green earth to turn into my permaculture paradise. Either that or trade my Skoolie for some land and just buy a yurt and solar, haha. If I get my bus on the road I plan to either work or WWOOF on farms to gain money, experience and a knowledge for different parts of the country. I've never left the Midwest aside from living in the Ozarks for a couple of years. It seems a bit too much like the south round here and I miss actual winters, but have enjoyed being able to eat from my patio garden without a green house year round!
I prefer cows over goats and ducks ove chickens and have raised my fair share of all as well as sheep and hogs. I've never kept bees but read All I can about them and have taken a couple of seminars. Right now all I have are a couple of dogs, a Pyr mix and a cattle dog cross, an old calico cat, an aquaponics beta fish and a few thousand worms so I miss having livestock to tend to. Although I am up at four am to work my day job, I miss the sun soaked splendor of laboring outdoors from sunrise to sunset to tend to the earth.
I am a right wing, Christian conservative and believe that through God's grace alone the earth has been dated to provide us with what we need to thrive through food, minerals and herbs. I'm not looking for someone who is a hippie or a liberal but someone that sees eye to eye on both environmental and phone losoohical ideals. I suppose I would prefer a fella that has had it all before and is trying to live the homesteading dream again rather than someone who has achieved it all already. The struggle is real but it's a lot easier with someone to live the struggle with.
1 month ago
I'm still a bit confused how to start a permaculture design course once receiving a PDC certification. Is there a separate instructors training course I need to take next? Do I need to develop 72 hours of original material and have it approved? If so what organization regulates permaculture design and who can teach courses? This isn't something I plan to do right away but for future planning and budgeting I'd like more information.