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Recent posts by Huxley Harter

I believe flea beetles. I've had them before but don't recall doing much about it as the problem wasn't too bad.
1 week ago
Ok, so I was able to shorten delivery time down to one week for 80 birds. That works out to .4 lbs per bird per day so that should be reasonable.
1 week ago
I love what he said about invasive "exotics."  It's not "this plant's bad and that one's good" or "leave em be," it's " I like the plants that are already here, so rip out the ones that will kill them.
1 week ago
A nice rainy day to plant cuttings!
1 week ago
Hey guys, I'm raising freedom rangers on soy free, non gmo etc. feed and I have five bags to last them two weeks until the next order arrives. How much should I ration for 3ish lb birds? Can I soak well  crushed feed? Of course I'll move them every day so they get optimal forage. Thanks, Huxley.
1 week ago
Thank you for the info. My neighbor has a few trees and she kindly lets us collect plants. Can't wait to get cuttings! I've heard from a couple folks that they make great toothbrushes?
1 week ago
Hey guys, I'll start by saying that you know you're a Permie when you can hardly wait to tell the whole forum about a podcast that blew you away.

So Daniel Vitalis, a forager guy hosts some podcasts, among other things, and this one a is the first I've heard and it is terrific. Sam Thayer is a forager who's written three books and in my humble opinion is probably worth your time to listen to. He goes to great lengths to make sure what he writes about is true and he's taught foraging for 20 years. He's come up with what he calls 'ecoculture' and explains what it is.
If you like the hunter gatherer lifestyle or food, hunting, or foraging, but you're worried that 7 billion people can't all do it, then I highly recommend that you listen to it. Ecoculture is basically about doing your part as part of nature so that rather than "leave no trace" or "humans impact The land" you are a working force in nature, like a grazing deer or tree cutting beaver. The first 20 minutes or so are kind of like a blog that I skipped over to get to the good stuff. I don't know if I think it's fantastic because it applies to me so well or if it actually is great for everyone. Here's the link (free!) Tending the wild podcast
I strongly encourage you to listen to it and discuss it and topics in the podcast in this thread.
1 week ago
That reminds me of a classical composer who wrote his own funeral march.
1 week ago