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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
What every wannabe needs to know about finding/buying land 29 Huck Johnson
K Eilander
Advice on permie/farmer career 10 Huck Johnson
Billius Shiphr
How to dry clothes when it’s wet outside? 3 Huck Johnson
Dan Fish
Any dudes want to bikepack from Alabama to Virginia this spring? 0 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
Brainstorming strategies for acquiring land 2 Huck Johnson
Mike Haasl
financial strategy
How to make a hunter/forager paradise 31 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
wild harvesting
Toxic-treated bamboo stakes? Yay or nay? 4 Huck Johnson
Douglas Alpenstock
tips for awkward spots
I want to buy responsibly made linen cloth from you! 0 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
textile techniques
Things that are cool to think about 3 Huck Johnson
Amy Arnett
meaningless drivel
Don't try melting copper in iron 7 Huck Johnson
Hank Waltner
Invincible Garden! 11 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
forest garden
How to Change Playback Speed VPDC 7 Huck Johnson
paul wheaton
tinkering with this site
Seeds arrived in the mail! 0 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
meaningless drivel
Novel coronavirus (covid-19), Pandemic or Not?
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <5, 6, 7 ]
264 Huck Johnson
Anita Martin
toxic gick
Prevention and treatment for novel coronavirus COVID 19
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <5, 6, 7 ]
252 Huck Johnson
Bill Crim
medicinal herbs
Cows i/o Apples???? 13 Huck Johnson
Nicole Alderman
tinkering with this site
Pro foraging: ya or nay? 16 Huck Johnson
Ellendra Nauriel
wild harvesting
A Christian's duty to protect and heal the earth 23 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
religion and spirituality
Advice to welders-to be? 9 Huck Johnson
Jack Edmondson
financial strategy
Why cattle over other animals? 24 Huck Johnson
Andrew Mayflower
How much land for a 10 person homestead? 2 Huck Johnson
Tyler Ludens
Natural Hunter-Gatherer income? 5 Huck Johnson
Travis Johnson
financial strategy
Podcast: Tending the Wild by Daniel Vitalis with Sam Thayer! 3 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
Cross draft forge/kiln experiments 2 Huck Johnson
Mike Haasl
wood burning stoves
Best places to intern for regenerative farming / permaculture? 5 Huck Johnson
Steve Lund
internships & apprenticeships
Help! Stretching feed for two weeks! 6 Huck Johnson
R. Steele
Primitive HG living for the first year 12 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
ancestral skills
Human waste disposal on swampy land 7 Huck Johnson
Mark Brunnr
toilet alternatives
Reducing bagged food for poultry! 32 Huck Johnson
Dave de Basque
Requesting subforum regional-->southeast 6 Huck Johnson
r ranson
tinkering with this site
How to find and collect plants in private land? 3 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
ancestral skills
Staff, is there a profile list? 8 Huck Johnson
Judith Browning
tinkering with this site
Humming chicken ?sick? 1 Huck Johnson
Barbara Martin
Will broilers self-select sufficient protein? 2 Huck Johnson
D Nikolls
High schooler searching for permaculture chemistry resources 1 Huck Johnson
Sue Reeves
Meat poultry forage 5 Huck Johnson
Andrew Mayflower
Soil Testing: Genius or Snapshot of the ever-changing? 18 Huck Johnson
Chris Kott
How to direct plant tiny seeds 5 Huck Johnson
Anne Miller
market garden
What grows in shade? 10 Huck Johnson
Mark Griffin
market garden
Least expensive feed options for when the hens aren't laying 9 Huck Johnson
Dale Hodgins
Dexter cow acreage? 12 Huck Johnson
Timothy Markus
Tomatoes pepper squash polyculture/ hugelkulture anyone? 0 Huck Johnson
Huck Johnson
How to test the market demand? 5 Huck Johnson
Scott Foster
market garden
Plants for shady north Florida 1 Huck Johnson
Tyler Ludens