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Torn between wanting a bigger garden and loving the city life.
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Recent posts by Mk Neal

I don’t have a specific recipe, but often make them in summer.

In a glass or clear plastic container, layer:

-graham crackers or tea biscuits or Maria’s
-berries or sliced fruit (raw or stewed, your choice)
-lightly sweetened whipped cream with plain yogurt folded in. About 2 parts whipped cream by volume to 1 part yogurt.

Alternate layers until you fill container or run out of stuff. Top with toasted nuts or coconut.
1 week ago

Elizabeth Shulman wrote:What do we think this is? (Ontario, Canada, zone 5B.) I’m thinking cone flower maybe?

Elizabeth, how large is this shoot? It definitely looks like a shoot from and established plant, not a new seedling.
Pole beans. For me, much higher yield and more efficient use of space. Slugs get at the bush beans.
3 weeks ago
If you have maple trees, some kinds of maple seeds can be eaten when green, boiled like edamame.
3 weeks ago
I dredge chopped nopales in cornmeal and/or garbanzo flour and pan fry, ends up like fried okra.
3 weeks ago
I’ll go for the plains. Flat is flexible and easy. Things stay put. Water soaks in instead of running off. Two dimensional maps match reality.
3 weeks ago
I have to go with every room. The ones in certain people’s bedrooms might not survive, though.
3 weeks ago
A few ideas other than freezing:

- beans for food (rather than seed) could be roasted before storing. Link below suggests heating to at least 140 would kill larvae. I know a traditional food in Estonia was roasted mixed grains and peas ground into coarse meal. Perhaps this treatment helped kill off pests.

- vacuum storage or otherwise de-oxygenating the storage container may kill bugs or at least limit their survival.

- I have read that aromatic leaves like bay, tobacco, thyme were used to ward off pests in some places, but don’t know how effective that is against pests hatched from within.

Here is a handout from University of Nebraska about pest management in stored food:

3 weeks ago
Never get sick.

Thousand year lifespan makes me think of the story “Island of the Immortals” by Ursula K. LeGuin.
4 weeks ago
I empathize, Jen. I don’t use chemicals on my garden, and I make my own compost, so I think of my garden as organic. But I buy conventionally grown produce often, so my compost is not all from organic sources. And i sometimes get seedlings grown in unknown potting soil.
1 month ago