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Recent posts by Mick Lowe

Hi Pearl
That was excellent! The part where you realised you'd inadvertently been stalking a policeperson on patrol, the wrong police car was the final straw for me. I was on the floor rolling with laughter! Thank you for sharing this endearing story. Very comforting to hear you still get some good police persons. Would you mind if I shared this story in my WhatsApp group and FB?
Take care
3 years ago
This sounds awesome! Anne your book is a welcome tome to the many that have come before your contribution!

I am currently in the process of ordering a whole library of new books from the permaculture  shop courtesy of the permaculture magazine run by and edited  Maddy Harland.
I will be sure to add your book to the order if it is actually available on there as I am in the process and the intial stages of also setting up and growing a food forest for both my own livelihood and that of the wider community once it starts establishing and becoming fully prodcutive.

I only have access to 4acres though and thats 4 acres of already established woodland with mostly pioneer birch, some bigger broadleaves and then undergrowth which has actually flourished since I processed many of the fallen or dead and dying birch for my client. The canopy has opened up nicely and allowed for the much needed sunlight to hit the woodland floor, still a work in process as I hopte to allow for much more trees to be felled and processed, some will be left for habitat, some will be left for tapping for birch water(no thinner than 25cm)

I think I am going to get a lot of good and sound advice from your book, hopefully it applies to the whole Northern Hemisphere and not just USA? I live in the UK.
Either way even from just that screenshot it looks very promising!

All the best

4 years ago
Wow no end to variety on this planet, simply wonderful! I always thought Rhus were poisonous, I guess I never really enquired just, went on the colour of the flower heads which look very alarming with their deep and bright velvety red heads!
This is Sumach Japonica or the Staghorn Sumach
4 years ago
Jamin Grey
Wow I didn't know that about Paprika? Thanks for imparting that wonderful little nugget of wisdom. 👍
4 years ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:Great recipes. Thanks for sharing. Here's the recipe for the soup that I made last night

After the meat was well browned, about 1/4 cup of masa harina....

Masa harina? Really intrigued? What is that?

The stew looks amazing! Love venison!
4 years ago
Same here, I'm signed in and in signed up to the dailyish mailing list but when I want to gain access to any freebies it just redirects me to sign up again showing me all the content I can access of I sign up but I'm already signed up???
4 years ago
Hi Nicole, it's great that you provide freebies and I really appreciate it, just downloaded the solar station the other day. I've also bought quite a lot on permies.com including the packs from"I can't recall the organisation now" but they put together packs of video, books, courses etc and I think they call them infostack or something? Anyway I'm finding it really hard to locate where to download the plans here for Erica and Ernie's rocket mass heater.
I even had the same problem when I paid for it on one of the info stacks. Paul Wheaton never got back to me about it and the person that runs the info stack offerings couldn't provide me with a solution either. Seems only fair that I should finally get access to this content seeing as I paid for it she all l ago. Why is it still not available even though I'm logged in?  Kind regards

4 years ago