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since Mar 16, 2019
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Am a Seasoned Citizen Lady beekeeper/ herbalist/ farmer and am intentionally simplifying my life-- turning my dreams into reality.
Southside of Virginia
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Recent posts by Barbara Martin

I did it! Got 3 new hives! Woot!!!
3 weeks ago
The only sure way to end up with a small fortune from farming, is to start out with a large fortune. Think about it-- if it really is possible then the small family farms would still be plentiful. Just sayin'...
1 month ago
I've had to bring in coyote hunters again. There's an overabundance of coyotes in this area, so most folks around here are glad that hunters are again trying to thin the packs. Good luck and know that dogs are fair game for coyotes too.
2 months ago
Maybe if you can find some fiber artisans, they may know of a fiber goat breeder that would be interested in placing next year's kids with a fiber goat enthusiast like yourself.
Feeling your pain, Eric. Took a few years to help folks around here understand property rights especially related to hunting and 4wheeling. The farm is posted per state law, and I always take a camera when I address folks trespassing. Pictures are worth a thousand words in a court of law. Just sayin'...
2 months ago
Super Auntie MamaBear hugs !!!
2 months ago
Maybe use them to container grow something like mint that can spread where you would rather not have it.
2 months ago
You just can't fix stupid. So sorry you have to deal with the situation.
2 months ago
I sure hope you find the right lady-- sounds like a neat place to be.
3 months ago
Exactly !!!
You know, one of the first concepts drilled into the public school population is "rules" kindergarten. Just sayin'...