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Bummer. I was hoping for a better review on this. Now I think I'll hunt elsewhere for a good grinding mill. Thanks to all who posted their experiences.
8 months ago

Michael Helmersson wrote:If the whole thing is carefully structured and monitored, I could see it being utilized as data for others to write articles, papers, etc. This is exciting.

Exciting indeed. I'm already thinking about doing something like this on part of my  ( unused ) pasture . Looking at marking off an acre, starting with a soil sample, breaking up ground with a broadfork, planting whatever y'all say are the control plants. Buying a tripod and camera, the list goes on and on... Lots of interest in this thread.
8 months ago
I'm not opposed to harvesting my animals for eatin time. However, y'all have added enough in there that should please any type of crowd.
I figured there would be some regular reading in there but its mostly a list of tasks to complete. The explanations must have been mostly at the first chapter.
The sneak peek lets me know what type of book it is. And really gets me back in the game after a stall out on my part. All in all... I like what I see.
Really like that cargo bike. What's the story on that beauty?
10 months ago
Stumpy Nubbs woodworking journal is just now starting to become available. He has many good videos on using power tools.

Wood by Wright has lots of videos on only using hand tools. Incredible videos both.

Good luck
1 year ago
Its been awhile but maybe I'll hit it this time.
1 year ago
Do we get any points for the first few badge bits in Sand or only the last few?
Sharpen a knife
Sharpen a hatchet
Sharpen a chainsaw chain
Sharpen clean and oil a shovel
Clean a shop
Make a wedge style handle
All these have no points? Am I missing something?
1 year ago
Looking forward to reading the book for sure. Ive been asked plenty of times where to get elderberry plants or the berries themselves. Now there is a new resource out, I'll start by getting the book ( hopefully winning it ) and start some jam or something. That is probably the best way for me to make it potent and shelf stable. And it tastes great that way !
Welcome to the forum !!!
2 years ago

Gail Jardin wrote:I have been selling apple butter, jewelry, candles and soaps for Christmas gifts. I want to start making more crafts to sell but would need to make sure I have a market to make the investment worth it.  During the spring I sell plants, jams and loaves of bread.

Have you tried to sell online? Maybe an Etsy shop? Or a local farmers market. If you don't have one, think about starting one. Once they are up and going they just take regular maintenance to keep em going. Just some idears.
2 years ago
Handmade Wooden Trains. Each car is about 13" long. I have 4 quantity - 7 car trains left, and 5 quantity - 6 car trains left.
7 car trains are $145
6 car trains are $125 - no Zoo Car
Also have 5 wooden biplanes left. Been selling the fool out of those lately.
They go for $25 each
PM me for pricing of shipping.
When they are gone, they are gone... Until I can make some more - which will be after the holidays.
I love to see all the homemade items on the forum! Great to have a bit of a side hustle ain't it?
2 years ago