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Bill Anderson

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since Mar 25, 2019
Hartwell Georgia USA
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The one and only area rug we have. It was carried outside, turned over and had the crap beat out of it, that thing was filthy, and left out in the sun for about a week sunny side up. Ahem, mostly because I forgot to carry it back inside .
10 hours ago
Started with a few safety items that really needed a home in my workshop. The woodworking shop is housed in an 8X20 shipping container. The usual woodworking equipment, a Chopsaw, bandsaw, table saw, lathe, etc, all require a set of goggles or a full face shield, earplugs, gloves, dustmasks, and the inevitable use of a first aid kit (the yellow box). Now all are in one place.
11 hours ago
Used elbow grease along with a vinegar and lemon juice mixture with baking soda for the abrasive. Worked great. It helps to take a mixed shot of determination and work ethic before using the elbow grease though. Then the whole job gets done.
5 days ago
Cleaned my fridge today. It didn't look too bad until I moved the milk. Apparently no-one bothered to clean up their spill. No sense crying over it, just clean it up and move on. The freezer part I cleaned around the seals only. It looked fine.
5 days ago
And more, cause I hit the wrong button...
5 days ago
Each time I sharpen a knife, I forget to take pics. So here's my addition to the thread.
5 days ago
Dirty dishes pile up if you turn your back!
1 week ago
Have a too-tall-for-my leg-to-reach shovel that I usually use for planting plant starts. I cut off about 3 inches, sharpened, cleaned, and oiled it.
1 week ago
How can it be "too permie"? I think you got me whupped with my kitchen sink and appliances and such.
Good going!!!
1 week ago
We always wash dishes by hand. Used considerably less water this go round than I usually do. However, no required pic of the water used. Or one of the table as we usually eat in the living room, or in my case, carry it into the bedroom. Your call on badge bit.
1 week ago