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since Apr 12, 2019
Singer, songwriter, blogger, writer, lover of nature, and spiritual pursuer (read: metaphysical/mystic)
I Am what I Am; there is no need to change
My life is mine only, to edit - arrange
In pattern or covenants; in colors and use
Within me lies power I will not abuse
So don’t take my silence as timid, or weak
For you’ll hear a Goddess when I choose to speak
The Ozarks
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Recent posts by Journy Harr

Hi everyone! Thanks for the interest by those who have shown it!

I actually wanted to come on here and say that we are no longer looking.  We got really excited when we got out here, and though my intuition was hinting to just let things unfold naturally, I was eager and jumped the gun...

We DID invite a couple out, and that worked out about as well as a radioactive mattress... lol. That experience has given me easier access to the patience I think we’re being called to... I’m a big believer that “when it’s right, it will happen”, and I don’t have to force it...

So... don’t be a stranger; we welcome friends and messages! We’d also be happy to have temporary visitors (though you’d need your own lodging, lol). But for now, we’re choosing to listen to our guts and take the more naturally-occurring method, and just let things FLOOOOOWWWW ^,^

Thanks again!!! Sorry for any inconvenience, and Blessed Be!! 💗
9 months ago
Below is the link to our ad, you may be interested. Rn we don’t have a huge income as we are JUST starting (like you said, those who shovel the shit get to suck at the teat, and many hands make light work), but we have a LOT of income ideas, and want to gently educated our fellow humans; also, I’m an all-in person (future me is RICH, and I SHARE that with my community)
We (3 related adults and our 4 children) have 10 acres. This is our ad if you want to check it out:
We have 2 plots on 10 acres available for members! There’s room for a shack we’d be happy to help you build, or an RV, and we can find space for your own stuff (garden, animals, etc).  NO hookups RIGHT NOW, but achieving them is top priority!!

You can build RIGHT AWAY, with only a few very specific restrictions we will outline clearly 🔨

WE ARE LOCATED NEAR WILLOW SPRINGS, MO! Short but intense winters, long growing seasons, spring is amazing, VERY FERTIL in the middle of the ozarks!!

This is GROUND UP! You would be invited to **help us** create a Community Agreement and mission statement. We’d determine terms TOGETHER.

We know we need at least one thing: ONE of those plots needs to be reserved for someone who’s contribution (at least for the next few/several months) is mother’s-helper (It’s a physical and medical need rn): 3/4 hours a day, 5 days a week, chasing/entertaining 4 kids.  Flexible schedule.

As for the other plot, we can work out terms - do you want to help by providing some reasonable financial support? With a certain number of service-hours? What do we bring to the table, each? 💗 either way, any profits the land-based (or my own personal) efforts bring in will be shared according to terms we’ll come up with together.

If interested, reach out - we need people NOW!

Some things we are interested in (not everyone is interested or involved in everything, but here are some thing we foresee):

-green/sustainable energy and living
-own your own emotions (we can all make up, always, period, when we’re adults who own our own emotions)
-independent, and yet still community oriented
-delivering food to homeless
-when we all are taken care of, we are all healthy and happy.
-CHICKENS, at least 2 horses, maybe goats
-planning to build obstacle courses, damned up pond (that maybe doubles as a waterwheel energy source), paintball arcade
-the existing neighbors on the surrounding 20/40 acres are AMAZING and the total “live and let live in harmony” type!
-this place is dope AF!!

Religion: None specified
Food: right now mostly self-provided, UNLESS you decide to be involved to the point that all the income we put in goes to feeding everyone as much as possible
Energy: no hookups yet, but with a long extension cord you could maybe run a tv and charge phones.
Hard Rule: NO PHYSICAL DISCIPLINE, ESPECIALLY to children!! I don’t believe it’s acceptable for the physically larger person to hit the small person that can’t defend themselves. That’s an absolute line, and we want to hear your hard-limits too!!