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since Apr 27, 2019
Murrieta, CA, Zone 9b/10a
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Recent posts by Samuel Palmer

I have a small plot of barley/whet (not sure what it is) and i've noticed that the ripening of the heads was quite inconsistent. Some tillers where at hard dough stage while other tillers of the same plant are just emerging their heads. This wasn't here before.

Drew Moffatt wrote:I don't know I haven't seen it in a very long time.
But it struck me as similar.

Did it take 5-5.5 months to grow and have a very tough hull?

Jason Vath wrote:I have received a small amount of Sepp's semi perennial Russian rye. I planted it on Sept. 25th 2015 on a poor soil, compacted hill side.

Here's a photo diary of the progress. I'm somewhat new to grain so I don't know when is best to harvest seed but, since the stalks look and feel completely dead & dry, I'm assuming now(probably earlier) is the time to cut & store the seeds.
Please give me some advice.

Unfortunately I didn't learn till too late that I could cut it prior to seed head formation in order to get a grass harvest from it & to stimulate more vigorous growth in the same season.

Where did you get it?

Drew Moffatt wrote:Triticale?

Ok wait actually thats a possibility. How many rows does triticale have?

Drew Moffatt wrote:Triticale?

well it just produces seed without vernalization so

Drew Moffatt wrote:Straw almost always has leftover grains mixed in with it.
Looks like wheat to me.

The straw was from years ago.

Also, is the wheat leaves that dark of a color?

Gray Henon wrote:Bird seed?

If that got in there idk how

Gray Henon wrote:Looks like a grain.  Did you use straw in your garden?

No, theres other grains around it that came from straw but I didnt plant a seed like that.
I found a weed(?) Growing in my yard, and I need help identifying it