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since May 25, 2019
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Zoologist, Veterinary Doctor, Family man, Nature and Animal Lover.Self sufficient sustainable living - designing of food forest gardens. Building of small wood cabins and timber frame cob homes. Building of masonry stoves and rocket heaters. Bee keeping, Chickens, ducks and small ruminants and Dogs.Food forests for bees. Geo spatial topographical survey mapping.
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I have Mikes entire collection of books and DVD,S. I am not able to find dimensions or plans for the up hill patio as a reference. I am building an underground house strictly according to Mikes PSP. I want to also convert the up hill patio into a greenhouse. The space for the up hill patio measures 5 meters length and 3 meters width. What would be an acceptable rise and going for the up hill terrace considering I will be using these terrace steps to grow plants? I will be adding separate steps in the corner for human traffic. Any help would be appreciated.
Mark Brunnr - Thanks for your reply and explanation.I guess I understand the procedure but am not able to visualize the whole picture. I guess I should be able to figure it out as per your description when I will try a trial version just to see how to join them at angles. I guess the post will also first have to be mitre cut at that angle where it meets the beam so that it fits snug to the sloping beam, and then I would make the flat cut into the beam. Thanks for the berm link. I will be posting more questions once I start the trial and then the underground housing build later.
How would you be able to make a mortise and tenon fit when the the inner post and girder meet at a slight angle. I have been thinking about this and all the mortise and tenon joinery examples are shown on perfect square post and beams