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Recent posts by Daniel Brieck

gimmie dammit!   Yes Please!
1 year ago
Hi take a look at the close ups, the hose had a slow leak and cracked more when I picked up the hose, see the attached pictures. Did not get leak pictures since it was a sprinkler and was discovered at bedtime.
2 years ago
Noticed a wet spot on the ground near the hose connection, picked up the hose and it turned into a sprinkler.

Repaired the hose from the local hardware store, with a quick bicycle trip ~ 5 mins.

2 years ago
Completed the following:

earthworks - sand badge 5 scoops Using Tractor Loader
earthworks - sand badge Fix Road Pothole/Puddle
earthworks - sand badge 200ft of Trail Maintenance
earthworks - sand badge Three Scoops with an Excavator
gardening - sand badge Build a Hugelkultur
rocket - sand badge Start a Rocket Oven and Bake Something
round wood woodworking - sand badge Club style mallet from hand tools
textiles - sand badge Sew a small pillow
homesteading - straw badge Drive a truck and trailer in reverse with turns
homesteading - sand badge Install a CO Detector


2 years ago
Doing the 5 scoops with the tractor loader at the 2021 SKIP event at Wheaton Labs Base camp. And not rolling the tractor down the hill. Stay seated!

2 years ago
Doing the 3 scoops with an Excavator, now where are the ice cream scoops, it was a hot one that day?

2 years ago
Fixing a small pot hole at the lab at the 2021 SKIP event.

2 years ago
Did 200 ft of trail maintenance, using just a sickle. Wow these things are fantastic. Took way less time than I expected it would. Forget the clippers and the loppers, the sickle just works.

Providing a combined  video to show the improvement, first minute is the before, while the second minute is the after.

2 years ago
Built a Hugel at the 2021 SKIP event using an Excavator.

This wood came from various cut off left overs that where next to the passive green house or across the road from it.

Here is a list of what was planted:
Sepp Holzer grains
Crimson clover
Winter peas
Alsike clover
Common vetch
Red cow peas
White Dutch clover
Black walnut
Rye grass
Tillage radish
Sun chokes

The mulch was a mix of:

evergreen branches
wood mulch that happened to be right behind this hugel spot from a stump.
Sepp Holzer Grass dead standing harvest.
Nap weed
Sunchoke (transplanted)
2 years ago
Trailer backup 100 ft straight at 2021 PTJ event at Wheaton Labs

2 years ago