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since Jun 06, 2019
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Recent posts by Hollace Jones

When duties, time, age, space make gardening a hard row, spending a bit of money is a way to support the growth. Count me in. And thanks.
1 year ago
It’s now August 28. If you still have samples, I have 6 aging hens. (I still have them anyway. They are here until they leave me.) Would you please send me a sample T? My name is Holly.
2 years ago
Lives in your neighborhood.
Looks like a relative.
Looks like someone else’s relative.
Wears a mask in public.
Is always there when you need a friend.
Will hensit for you and help distribute extra eggs.
Brings organic food to potluck supper.
Shares the recipe if asked.
Has a little library by her door.
3 years ago