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I've never heard of anybody getting salmonella from eating plants, but bagged lettuce.  However, they usually issue recalls when that happens.
8 months ago
I would just put it in the sun, since light kills viruses.  It also would evaporate any chlorine that's possibly sprayed in the air in that store or in packaging.  It's also why I'm taking vitamin C, the sugar chewable ones, since they neutralise chlorine internally, and also sugar in the vitamin C tablet is a stabilising force that slows down the vitamin C a bit unlike powdered C.
8 months ago
I've seen more and more rocket stoves, especially mexican ones, fed by fans through small holes in the sides of the burn chamber.  Also, I've seen small can gasifiers, with a computer fan fed into the bottom, and slits cut in the top and holes at the bottom.
8 months ago

Davin Hoyt wrote:I gave up doing my own logos because I would jam too many ideas into them (usually three into one graphic).

Anyway, this is my sketch after reading all the comments.

More energy to you :)

I made the logo with the purple circle and light bulb in microsoft paint, with just images from the internet of a real bulb.  But when I blew up the picture in paint by increasing the zoom, I just hit the keyboard function Prnt Screen, and then paste (cntrl-V) into a new paint (to copy a blown up blurred image of the bulb), and it blurs or lowers the file size of the light bulb.  It still looks like a light bulb, so I drew a black line around it in paint with the pencil.  Basically, you can blow up a real image of a light bulb, and then do drawing on it, and the color or light looks real even though the file size decreased or blurred because the light is a real bulb.

Also, the purple circle was a youtube video of supercritical liquid carbon dioxide, and the liquid turns into vortices, but if you notice in the picture of the blue circle (the supercritical carbon dioxide), the whole image is rotated clockwise a bit.  I think that's because when you flush the toilet, the water always rotates clockwise.  It helps to see the rotated image by zooming out to 25% on chrome.  I think you can also render images of simulated light bulbs if somebody finds a physics paper or something that describes how a real light bulb's color is displayed, but simulated, and the file size is probably smaller than a copied image.

Also the fire at the center of the blue supercritcal co2, was a copied image of a real fire, but my computer was left out in the rain so it still works, but when I opened a new window, the fire image was still in the same spot of the new window (which is supposed to be a new blank window), but fainter.  So if you look at the image of the fire, it's basically an image of a damaged processor of a fire, and it kind of has a shimmer or shake when you first look at it (also the fire or vortices of the fire align with the vortices of the supercritical co2).  But there is by the way a race condition in concurrent programming that can simulate a damaged processor, so I might try to see if I can simulate that specific damaged processor image.  I only say that because the fire may imprint somehow on the computer circuit itself, so that the image on the screen is translated to your computer as a fire state in your processor, not just my damaged computer, that a damaged thing can go into a circuit and stay there in normal healthy computers.

Toby Ornot wrote:

Ted Butrell wrote:I was going to ask on the castable walker core, do they vibrate the concrete to prevent cracks?

From memory I think he does suggest it, recip saw held against the mould does the trick!

I think you can also use a drill against the mould.
11 months ago