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Dc Stewart

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since Jun 20, 2019
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Retired gubmint scientist, devoting my Golden Years to coaxing 10 acres of forest into a haven for permaculture and Druidic lurking.
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Recent posts by Dc Stewart

The indignity of the post-surgery cone.
2 weeks ago
Dog: I wonder if he'd taste like chicken.
2 weeks ago

I would like to go back to: When the sun is highest, it's noon.

This system was tried in a parallel universe, but it turned out to be too complicated for interacting with anyone located more than a few miles east or west of me, and often impossible for those located far to the north or south.

A parallel friend told parallel-me that he'd call at noon his time. I had to look up the longitude of his house and the longitude of my house to calculate that noon his time was... umm, lessee... 10:43:02 my time. I then tried to link my parallel friend in Barrow Alaska to the noon call, but she just laughed and said that she had no way of telling when it was noon, as it was late November and she wouldn't be seeing the sun until late February.
3 weeks ago
Very nice! Now she needs a 4mm propane torch to prime and start it.
3 weeks ago
Shrimp scampi with pasta and extra garlic butter = food of the gods
Curried shrimp with rice = runner-up food of the gods
1 month ago
I'm trying to picture the mechanics of turning the body sideways to match the sideways TP orientation.
1 month ago
A three sisters nutrient analysis:

Food Yields and Nutrient Analyses of the Three Sisters: A Haudenosaunee Cropping System

The Three Sisters provides energy for 13.42 people/ha and protein for 15.86 people/ha

A review of three sisters publications:

Historical Indigenous Food Preparation Using Produce of the Three Sisters Intercropping System

Estimates of crop acreage for the Wendat (Huron), who like other Haudenosaunee (Iroquoian) were farmers who supplemented their diet with hunting and fishing, suggest that a third of an acre per person provided for sustenance.
Heidenreich estimated the Wendat diet was 65% corn, 15% beans, squash and pumpkins, 10–15% fish, and 5% meat.

1 month ago
"Rock bottom" is the medical term for the condition that results from not bothering to... okay, nadir has been reached.
1 month ago
Paper? Sponge? Stick? Why bother with high-tech gadgetry when you're sitting there with two perfectly good hands? The debate then becomes whether the hand should be supinated or pronated.
1 month ago