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Born 1993, working as a chef and training as a gardener, into growing food in a big way, moved in with my wife in 2019 and am in the process of turning our back garden into a beautiful and productive space.
Midlands, england
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I make pie crust with poppy seeds or sometimes sesame in the dough. I also enjoy, for savoury pies, things like chopped thyme leaves running through the pastry, or roughly cracked black pepper, mustard powder or paprika mixed into the flour first.
I make a sort of scone dough pastry.
300g ish plain flour (plus seasonings)
100g ish butter
1 egg or sometimes just an egg yolk
A splash of cold whole milk

Rub the butter Into the flour to a fine breadcrumb.
(with your hands lifted above the bowl make rubbing motions with your fingertips and work handfuls of flour butter mix rubbing and flattening little pieces of butter through the flour and letting them fall into the bowl)
This keeps the mix aerated and cool
(does everyone know how to rub in okay I'll continue *haha*
Make a well in the centre of the bowl and add the egg and milk. Mix by grabbing and squishing the mix making sure to "wet" any pockets of flour first before moving onto mixing the whole bowl lightly.
When it's nearly a dough pour the mix onto a countertop and just bring it together with a knead or two.
Wrap in clingfilm and chill

When rolling for use, pack the dough together first but don't reknead, then roll thinly.
Blind bake your crust before filling by pricking all over with a knife, (and I mean lots and lots of small holes) and cooking for 5-10minutes or so on a moderate heat until the dough has dried and just started to cook.

This is a easy versatile and very tasty, slightly crumbly and crunchy pie crust which works as well with venison pie as it does with chicken and mushroom, or apple & peach

For sweet pastry add 35g sugar after breadcrumb stage and before liquid stage.

But then if you're doing sweet pastry there's always Pate a sucree personally I like the michel roux recipe for that one

Peace and pie from a hippie chef

1 month ago
I've worked as a chef for my whole adult life so recipe testing is a skill and I would be happy to help
5 months ago
Thanks for your reply. Yeah I'm also not sure about the sand Tel. Browning sounds interesting I'll do some research. And I'll continue storing my tools just in the shed then! And not letting my wife borrow em :)
5 months ago
WELCOME and thank you for the giveaway. Your hori hori is on my wishlist lol! But also I own a vintage scythe that me and a joiner friend renovated and I use all the time.... Always looking in yard sales and charity shops for a sickle to complete the set of two aha but not had any luck so far.... Would love to win. Luck to all. Peace and love. 🌼
5 months ago
For my spades forks and hand tools I had somebody tell me keeping the blade submerged in a bucket filled with damp sand keeps them rust free. Then another friend told me to soak the sand with mineral oil rather than water. Anyone here use this storage method or got a low tech tool preservation tip?
5 months ago
The purchased wine cap spawn
5 months ago
The woodchips
5 months ago
The sunken bed
5 months ago
Oh and Eric... We spoke a while ago about a mushroom bed. I'm still planning to grow wine caps. Just haven't filled the bed yet :)
9 months ago
Also this is my plan for the layout of the bed. Any known issues with plants that are next to each other here? And any suggestions for interplanting of companion plants such as I was gonna put some marigolds in near the tomatoes
9 months ago