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I'm a retired Arabian horse breeder and endurance competitor, a writer, photographer, and fabric artist, currently living the good life off-grid in the high country of the US Southwest.
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Recent posts by Lif Strand

Thekla McDaniels wrote:... old satellite dishes, which are parabolic reflectors (if lined with reflectors) or collectors.

That prompts me to think about using small pieces of mirror glued to the reflector side of a satellite dish, like a reflective mosaic. I want to play with that idea, see what I can do with it!
1 week ago
This is one half of the pair of ravens that hang out at my barn. I don't feed them but the horses don't seem to mind if the ravens help themselves to the horses' food. I talk to the birds. One is more willing to listen than the other and that's the only way I can tell them apart.
(c) 2024 Lif Strand
#Photography #DailyPhoto
#critters #nature #Gaia #Alt4Me
1 month ago
I've been using my own starter to make bread every week using Grant Yoder's method (google his name or also  "Grant Bakes"). His method for creating a starter from scratch was so simple it was like magic. I've tried to make my own starter many times before and never had much success. This one works great and it doesn't mean having discard to deal with all the time. The only complaint I have about it is that it's not sour tasting, but the bread is wonderful otherwise. This is a photo of last week's loaf. This week's loaf is still in the dough stage.
1 month ago
Almost home / trying to beat the storm
(c) Lif Strand 2024
#landscape #nature #Gaia
2 months ago
The well with the windmill vanes was dug around 1930, when the water level was maybe 10' down - a rare thing in this dry country. Last time it was checked (a few years ago) the water level was 80'.
The windmill tower with no vanes is a dry hole.
2 months ago

Judith Browning wrote:Other rug makers have posted a lot of additional helpful information.

[sigh] that's the problem. I get lost in all the extra info. This would be my first try at weaving/braiding/twining or anything making a rug from tee shirts or whatever, so I don't know what's relevant.
2 months ago

Paula Hodges wrote:

Judith Browning wrote:As soon as I get even one person who is  interested,  I'll start posting some of my handouts from my classes, more pictures and be ready to answer questions..

Me me ME!  I'm interested!!!
2 months ago
I love watching my goldfish. I bought them from Walmart for ten cents each (okay, maybe it was 25 cents) years and years ago. I don't feed them. They keep the horse trough clean and they provide me with entertainment. A great investment!
This photo was taken this morning. Seeing the fish moving around under the pattern of light on the ice was really cool.
3 months ago
On bread, winter solstice, and damn am I happy that days (daylight) will be getting longer now.
#homesteading #offgrid #breadmaking #sourdough #wintersolstice
3 months ago
Sonny at breakfast
(c) 2023 Lif Strand
I love the way the morning light catches my mare's long, winter hair.
#critters #Gaia
4 months ago