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since Sep 07, 2019
Just starting out and a RMH will be our first adventure in the greenhouse.  Struggled with our planting and harvest, but after watching Paul Gautschi's 'Back to Eden' gardening we are closing up for the fall and using his ideas and methods to give us better soil for next spring.
Windsor, ME
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(TJ) - I wish we had a grow tunnel and/or a greenhouse.  I'm going to see what I can put together with some spare plastic and left over PVC pipe.  Thanks!
11 months ago
We've tried those grow bags. and maybe because its fall, though it has been sunny, and all the sprouts died.  Their in full sun, but the nights have been really cold (down to 28F).  Any suggestions?  
We're starting winter soon in Maine and I can bring the bags and totes of plants indoors, but I have no grow lights or green house, and the garage is not insulated.  I know where to plant them next year, based on the great ideas that Chris had about a sunny spot by my old rock wall.  Full sun and plenty of warm ground.  They should love it!
I'm trying to grow potatoes, winter lettuce, spinach, sweet peas, beets, onions, leeks, and several kinds of peppers.  They're all coming inside for the winter since they are in totes and pots, but without a grow light, and the light from my one window probably won't be enough.  Water and warmth aren't a problem.  
Help please! :)
11 months ago
This looks like an amazing book of knowledge and a way for each of us to make a positive change to ourselves and the world.
11 months ago
This is the greatest adventure of my life.  Never thought I would enjoy the gifts we have worked so hard for.

My husband retired from the Dept of Corrections early after I almost lost my battle with my demons.  I was injured so many times, I never thought I could be happy, or help others with their own.  He helps me everyday to join the experience of life.  Its not always about survival, it's time to live.

Both of us worked very hard to get our little piece of heaven in Maine.  Just 5 acres, him and I and my therapy companion in a little single wide with a dream. Our own homestead.  A fresh start.

I guess my priorities are a little different, but similar to some.  I always, every day, remember to start simple.

Start simple, start small...
This first spring, this year, we dug and planted a kitchen garden, four tiny apple sapplings, a sad looking peach tree and a few small plants from my in-law's garden.  We started late this spring, so some things didn't take, but we carved a little plot next to our stairs, planted some veggies and herbs and did our best to help them grow.  Fresh herbs (for a city girl), and amazing little tomatoes were harvested.  My husband was overjoyed about watching the corn grow, and now we are waiting to harvest those.  

We still have a lot of land clearing and cleaning to get a real garden for growing all our own food next spring, but we've started.  A lot of old trash to be cleared from the previous owners, a challenge, but its our own adventure. So we recycle what we can, dump for the rest, and the things that we can, donated to the town charity.

We know it will continue to be a lot of hard work, and our health, especially my mental health, needs time to heal.  As we clear the ground, brush, tend trees and grow food we are taking small steps as well to better ourselves and feel the analogy of our land to our lives.

Next spring, we'll plant, starting simple, and tend to it, and ourselves, as we can.  So I guess number one was getting our land started and finding out what our soil needs and wants, along with tending to us.

Then more clearing, trimming and helping our land prosper, supporting the local ecosystem as well.  Long term will be bees, turkeys and ducks.  Eventually, a few years from now, chickens, rabbits, pigs and we'll be able to harvest our fruit.

Third will be fixing our home so it stays comfortable for the three of us in the future.  Luckily my husband is an incredibly hard worker, not afraid to dive right in and learn as we go.

Plumbing is our first, since we are lucky to have our own well.  

Fixing the windows and try building a solar air heating/cooling system next.

Then on to fixing and re-enforcing the floor so we can try our hand at a simple rocket mass heater with local granite aggregate and whatever field stones and cob we can hobble together.  

We will look to salvage what materials we need, make what we can't get from our own things and take time for each other.

We are incredibly blessed and are thankful for what gifts of knowledge this new community online has guided us towards, the hope its given us.  The internet is an incredible tool that has allowed us to connect with all of you and obtain new skills to guide us, even support us, through in this new adventure.  We hope someday, to be able to help and support others as this community does.

I'm sorry for this ramble, but I thank you, we thank you, for your generosity of spirit and knowledge.
1 year ago
Thank you so much!  I didn't even think of that.  Our mechanic is a home business and one of the towns nearby has a Jiffy and a Mineke.

Cinder sends his thanks too.  Ciao for now! :)
1 year ago
Where might one acquire a barrel or drum for the RMH?  I can't find anything, even used, under $150 US.  No one on my local craigslist has anything, I've checked ebay and they are all local pick-up, WAY far away from me, and everything is crazy expensive for the nice drums.
Help please?
1 year ago
Thank you so much Gerry! :}  Still working on getting the bricks for building the core and still need to find out our building codes here in ME.  
Ciao for now!
1 year ago
I was just watching one of the videos about building a RMH with a wooden box and pea gravel and stone for the "cob".  
Can lava stone be used for the "mass" as well?
Suggestions for other materials that can be used to build in a single wide mobile home?

1 year ago