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Just starting out and a RMH will be our first adventure in the greenhouse.  Struggled with our planting and harvest, but after watching Paul Gautschi's 'Back to Eden' gardening we are closing up for the fall and using his ideas and methods to give us better soil for next spring.
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Windsor, ME
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Recent posts by Moira Teekema

This is so awesome!  I am totally backing this as I can.  The project is incredible.  Can't wait to see it all!
2 years ago
Hi Susan!  Welcome to Permies.  This is a great community and I can't wait for more knowledge from you.
2 years ago
Welcome, welcome Angie!  Looking forward to learning about the process of canning.  I have all the tools, but so far haven't had luck with the process.  Hoping to learn more.  
This is an incredible community.  The sharing of ideas and discussion of topics is amazing.  We're glad to have you and congrats on your publication!
2 years ago
I know this might sound silly...but, how does one process acorns to make flour?  We always have tons of acorns in the fall.  Our squirrels always leave tons behind and I've heard of using them.  I don't know the first thing about acorns/acorn meats, for processing.  I've never even broken one open before.  
Can anyone help?

2 years ago
I'll have to let my husband know.  He loves making breads and we make onion, 5 grain and wheat breads in a cast iron dutch oven.  I'm sure he'll love this recipe.  Thanks James!!!
2 years ago
Hello to Michelle Avis, Rob Avis, and Takota Coen!  I can't wait to purchase your book.  What I've looked at so far, follows the path that my husband and I want for our property.  We have 5 acres, leaving 2 acres for the natural forest that exists and then making as much of the remaining property into a permaculture farm for ourselves and neighbors.  We've started an orchard and made our leaching field into a pasture of pollinator pleasures.  We are working on food beds, but it a process that can be slow.  

Can't wait to read more of your book.  Where can we purchase one?

Thanks again for joining the party!
2 years ago
Thank you so much for the references and details!
2 years ago
I hate to sound silly, but what type of lettuce is this?  A special plant, miners lettuce or wild arugula? Not sure.  Trying to make an edible, natural garden in a field we have.  We also have some young fruit trees planted and was wondering if planting a specific wild lettuce around them would be good.  Help please?

2 years ago
Welcome Kate!  Looking forward to learning more from you for off-grid living.  Even though my husband and I just started our homestead, we want to live off-grid once we get everything figured out.  So much to do!  Can't wait to read your book!
3 years ago