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Recent posts by Mart Hale

Tim Kivi wrote:Maybe innovative robots could make permaculture more competitive by innovative methods?

That was my thought,  robots planting guilds instead of monoculture.     Robots cultivating friendly insects instead of pesticides.

A tool is only as good as the user, consider, you are reading this now on a computer powered by electricity,  does the computer ad to permacuture, or does it add to the problem?     The users decides.
Catch rainwater and store it.      Large tanks can be used to store your water needs.

Create a pond, and use that water for irrigation.
1 week ago
Move.     When you choose a place to live it is almost worth the money to ask to stay in a tent for a week so you learn your neighbors  :-)
1 week ago
Welcome to Florida,

I am just South of you in Summerfield,

I suggest you visit this blog as David lived in a home not far from where you did and has tons of tips that can be helpful to you.

I moved here from Indiana, the biggest thing to learn about is:

1)  Root nematodes,    

2)  Our hot summers,  many plants will thrive in the heat but there are months that are better to grow, learning this can help you alot.

I recommend you check out David the Good's web site as it deals with growing here in Florida.

1 week ago
Welcome to Florida,

I moved down about 6 years ago from Indiana to Summerfield Fl,

The weirdest thing for me was no snow at Christmas time,   but I sure adore the temps.

The big thing to learn about down here is root nematodes, they sure can drive you crazy.

Nice pics,    I am sure Florida will help your health it sure did me.
1 week ago
The Amish have been doing this for years, they use them to run fans.     I heard of one buying a railroad car tank.   They used this with compressed air.

The more I think about it, an engine that ran off of wood gas with one of these compressors could store a tremendous amount of energy.

I have been looking into high pressure tanks like 1000 psi.     With these you could store lots of energy in a portable space.     Carbon fiber tanks are great for storing this energy, I know in Europe they run cars with this method.

1 week ago

Dustin Rhodes wrote:Check out these two great ministries in terms of Christian/Permaculture intersection:

Redeeming the Dirt
Blog and book about how Christians can honor God and practice organic, sustainable farming(Permaculture) practices at the same time.

Planting with Purpose
International organization teaching low-income farmers all over the world how to farm the permaculture way to cut costs, increase production, protect the land/soil, and share the Good News.

Maybe these would be low-risk baby steps for churches to get involved in permaculture, if they're resistant to go all-in at first: they learn a bit, do some good, and then want to do more - now they're hooked for good :)

Thanks for posting this, I have read "Redeeming the Dirt",  but I did not know about the other organization of Plant with Purpose.

I also like ->

Org that specializes in edible plants,   David the Good has done a tour there.

1 week ago
Yep that photo was from a drug bust      I have lost my sense of humor about this since I know an elderly many who was taken for 10's of thousands of dollars for this scam.     They keep doing it because it works
2 weeks ago
Oh another idea I had but have not tested is to use a standard dehumidifier combined with a small space to be used as a dehydrator,   but the more I look into it the new freeze driers have now dropped down in price to about $2,000.    They do a much better job and may be a better option if you are doing bulk preservation.
2 weeks ago