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Recent posts by Mart Hale

Depends on how high you are going.     My solution was to buy a shipping container, then buy rail road ties that would extend out over the main metal supports   ( the thin metal in center would not support this )  then put the IBC on the rail road ties.        I was considering doing this to increase the pressure I had on my water lines.

This what she does.      
2 days ago

This looks to be good info on canning with the insta pot,  research,  and results.

2 days ago

This is certified for a pressure canner.     I have been debating about getting one...
3 days ago
Use UV light to find horn worms on your maters ;-)
4 days ago

Thought I would share this as shows the hope of growing in places that most would not.

South Los Angeles. What comes to mind is gangs, drugs, liquor stores, abandoned buildings and vacant lots. The last thing that you would expect to find is a beautiful garden sprouting up through the concrete, coloring the urban landscape. As part of an urban gardening movement taking root in South LA, people are planting to transform their neighborhoods and are changing their own lives in the process. Calling for people to put down their guns and pick up their shovels, these “gangster gardeners” are creating an oasis in the middle of one of the most notoriously dangerous places in America. CAN YOU DIG THIS follows the inspirational journeys of four unlikely gardeners, discovering what happens when they put their hands in the soil. This is not a story of science and economics. This is a story of the human spirit, inspiring people everywhere to pick up their shovels and “plant some shit.”

4 days ago
I have 2 insta pots,   I find it useful in one to be making yogurt, in the other cooking a full meal.

It does not replace a stove top,    but for what it does it does it perfectly every time.

The best feature for me is the keep warm feature which means I do not have to be there right when the food is done, but means I will have a hot meal when I get to it.       Perfect for me working outside, and I come in and the food is perfectly cooked.

I have stopped cooking huge meals in it,  the reason being it is so fast in cooking small meals I do not have to deal with left overs for the next week unless I want to ;-)

i have been looking into using a rocket stove to make charcoal,   and then with the charcoal charge batteries to run my insta pot on cloudy days,    I have it running off solar now.

4 days ago

Barley sprouting looking excellent. Now I can convert this barley into sprouts that I got as "animal food". 2 days in.... This is teaching me that when I plant my barley I need to water it 2x a day for 3 days.

I am going to let this batch go and see what the greens taste like, but in this stage, I like them,     May add some hard boiled eggs and onion and cheese.

I want to keep mold down from what I have read a fan on them helps,    I may also try a pinch of baking soda.

So far no mold but they look great.
1 week ago
I chased the free energy for some time.

What I demand of a free energy device is the following:

1)   It must be replicated.        Having a device that only works in the inventors shop points to a scam.      

2)   It must be working in a home near me.          This wiz bang if it works and is replicated must have some real benefit for my life so if it is producing energy from nothing then someone had better be powering their home with it and they have unhooked from the electric grid.

The devices that approach free energy devices are solar panels, wind generators, and Nuclear energy.     They product energy without my input of power.       Other devices that could generate energy theoretically could exist, and few do exist but the cost to make them as in keeping super conductors working is cost prohibitive.

2 weeks ago
I did some calculations, and I am getting 2,000 watt equiv    of energy input into this system.

2 weeks ago