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My dream has always been to live close to the land. My goal is simpler, sustainable, more self-reliant living. In 2009 my husband and I bought a neglected 1920s-built bungalow on 5 acres, which we've gradually built into our homestead.
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Recent posts by Leigh Tate

Honeybee Tales shares the ups and downs of a beginning beekeeper's venture into natural beekeeping. It was originally published as a chapter in a collective paperback work entitled Critter Tales. But, as is the way with caring for critters, the tales are ongoing. Honeybee Tales is no exception. This new edition has been updated, expanded, and revised to include those new tales, as well as more information about honeybees and natural beekeeping.

Making the Commitment
Choosing a Hive
Assembling and Preparing the Warré Hive
Change in Bees
Essential Oils for Honeybees
Plants for Honeybees
Bee Day
First Hive Check
Second Hive Check
Varroa Mite Counting
Enlarging the Hive
Getting Ready for Winter
Preparing for Expansion
The Death of Honeysuckle
New Bees For My New Hives
Queen Check
Bait Hive
ReQueening (Or Trying To)
Not a Good Bee Mom
Bees in Our Future?

1 week ago
Start with my last line
thinking cap and pen in hand
haiku word pictures
1 week ago
Years ago I had some forage tested through our county cooperative extension office. As I recall, it wasn't terribly expensive and the results came back fairly quickly. How accurate they were, i don't know. I'm guessing the only way to know that would be to send samples to several different labs and compare results.
3 weeks ago
As a former homeschool mom, these things were constantly on my mind. When my kids were inspired and enthusiastic, they were motivated and they learned. When they weren't, they didn't.  

I'm going to start with "educate." There's a homeschooling meme that says

"Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire"

Inspiring others is to light that fire. I think the teacher's or leader's own enthusiasm is key here. People want to do and be part of what others are excited about. Good teachers and leaders model what they want to see in others. Bossy people tend to be resisted.

Empowering to me means equipping. It results in the confidence to go out and try new things.

Education is the process between the two. It's not listing facts and figures, it's an introduction to the tools, skills, and resources available, and the practice of how to use them.

At least, that's what I've come up with.
3 weeks ago

Mc Willis wrote:Is there a particular area to post items to sell, as I have had recent building projects, I have odds and ends for sale?

The best place for things like that is in the flea market forum.
1 month ago

Elena Sparks wrote: Is there anything I can do at the moment to start driving traffic to the stuff on our website that IS available right now? If so, what?

I agree with Anne. By establishing yourself as a knowledgeable source, folks will trust you and want to know more.

And Permies offers a lot of options to help. You can read about them here -> Concise Guide to Promoting Your Stuff on Permies.com
1 month ago

Elena Sparks wrote:is there a way to promote sales of live animals (if not, please don't harass me) through permies?

Elena, yes, in our flea market forum. Here's a link for guidelines and tips on how to post there - https://permies.com/t/131957/flea-market/post-flea-market-forum
1 month ago

Jay Angler wrote:Does it tone in or go with any other bits of fabric in your boxes?

Not that I recall, but I still have a large trunk to go through.

That said, I'm now more confident that I can make something nice with it.
1 month ago

Timothy Norton wrote:If only it was a little wider! I would think a tie of that pattern would look great.

Actually, my husband is a narrow tie guy. I wove and made him this tie earlier that same year.

handwoven log cabin necktie

That was back in the day when he had occasion to wear a tie, but he doesn't wear them any more.
1 month ago