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Oh. Thank you people help.
1 year ago
Found answer.

Spaying is the best solution, but you know that.

Local shelters often have programs for reduced-price/free spays for folks that can't afford it.

Feed her kitten food while she's pregnant. Her poor uterine contraction could be a mineral deficiency.

Black cohosh and cotton root bark are both good for opening the cervix and promoting labor.

A cat would get bout .1 to .2 cc tincture in the very back of the mouth.

From Doc Jones forum.

Ask for frequency, will post again when know.

Good news, isolation working so far.

1 year ago
Thankyou suggesting spay. I know it would prevent the pregnancy. Not option.

Does anyone know where I can go to ask question?

For people I find cotton root can help speed labor to come. Maybe speed actual labor?

Cat Shadow not pregnant yet. Good.

1 year ago
I like cloth napkins.
1 year ago
Shadow in heat again. They are separated. They seen mate once.

Please help with speedy labor tricks? Don't want to abort kitties. Just speed birthing when labor starts, if pregnant. Hope for live kitties. She only 4 pounds, mention for dosage help?
1 year ago


What are the cats eating, and are Wendel and Shadow related?

Brother and sister, same batch of kitties. First time had one kitty from not related dad, maybe part bobcat. Very big dad, one very big baby cat. Thought this was the trouble with Shadow. He hurt Wendel in play. After this and big baby, he go outside. Shadow too is very small. Wendel normal cat size.

Eat meow mix, original flavor only. For tummy stay normal.

  Why can't she be fixed?

All money for people care. No program local.
1 year ago
I have two indoor kitties. They must both remain inside kitties. For health trouble.

Boy, Wendel. He has a healed maybe injury to spine cord from other cat, now outside. Was walking with stiff legs, like Tennessee walkin horse. He now scaredycat. If sent outside, he die. He eat ground tumeric three times week now for maybe swelling. Much better now. Play again. Purr too. When stop tumeric, he do walkin horse thing again. He eat it again, now on.

Girl, Shadow. She pregnant three times. First two times still births, take days and days with tails come out first. We can not get her fixed. Only know separate them when she goes in heat. Only know she in heat when show presentation behavior. Can't be outside for neibor cats want her. More dead kitties. Last time also one still birth with nose first. It is hard on her. Was very sick. Kitties move inside Shadow a day before labor start. What do?

If miss next heat time too, how make birth faster, safer? Blue cohosh? How much. Other thing?
1 year ago