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Recent posts by Jordan Holland

Robert Ray wrote:Maybe the stop is if you have to backstitch when using it, that way you have a reference point. The scale is so small specifically for quilts?

It can't backstitch. It could quilt pieces together, but is a finer stitch pattern than I have ever seen on a quilt top, which wouldn't be a bad thing.
8 hours ago

Robert Ray wrote:The needle is passed through the groove?

Yes, somewhat.
8 hours ago

Tereza Okava wrote:is this a thing for sewing the end of sacks shut???

(I hope you can eventually take pics of how this thing works. Ive been running errands all afternoon and thinking about this blessed thing the whole time!!)

It could probably sew a flour sack shut, but a feed sack would most likely be too thick. It would be quite awkward if the sack was filled. It does not make a chain stitch either, which would be desirable for a sack. It is for couture.
8 hours ago
Tereza, Robert, and Nancy have really nailed down the important factors now. I planned to make this a two parter, and we are getting into the second part. So, I think I will go ahead and reveal what it is so we can move on to the second part.


Part Deux: Can you figure out from the pictures and descriptions how in the world can this thing possibly sew?
11 hours ago

Tereza Okava wrote:Does the crank work continually, or is it an in-and-back motion? It looks like for the crank to turn it would have to be mounted on the edge of something, where would the clamp mount on this device?

Both, lol! The clamp holds it on the edge of a table so the crank hangs off the edge and can be rotated 360 degrees. It needs to be able to turn several times one way and then back a bit every so often.
11 hours ago

Saana Jalimauchi wrote:Oh you guys post stuff fast, I thought my edit would be on time..

My guess was a devise for folding the side on the fabric that you usually do with an iron so that it is easier to sew? I have no idea of the terminology. 😄

No, y'all are still thinking too small!
13 hours ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:For folding bias tape?

Sorry, no.
14 hours ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:Something to put a casing on corset stays?

14 hours ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:Is this type of machine still in use?
Or rather, a machine that does the same function.

Yes and no. The overall function, yes. The specific manner of function, no. What is so interesting is that the specific manner of function is generally done by hand, even today, as it's not particularly suited to being done by mechanical mechanisms. That is why modern devices use a different manner of function to achieve the same overall result.
14 hours ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:Alright, you got an evil one here....

Is it involved any way with sewing?

14 hours ago