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j brun

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since Feb 12, 2020
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Mostly Pine/Spruce/Fir forest
quebec zone- 4a loamy sand soil
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Recent posts by j brun

I grow some tomatoes and peppers in large pots. I started leaving the purslane to grow with them a couple years ago and now it seems to keep re-seeding itself. It gets a bit of a late start here, (end of june,) but grows, and re-grows pretty quickly once it shows up.
2 days ago
Whenever I've removed anything suspected to be made with asbestos, I've gently misted it first with water to keep the dust down. A good magnet might help find any nails that could be hidden afterwards.  
5 days ago
Some of our woods look similar. From what I've found, our property was farmland 100 years ago, but was planted out to pine in the 70's in a grid that seems far too tight. Some of the trees have gotten to be 14" or so in diameter, but many have stayed smaller. This also seems to have led to an abundance of shoestring rot, which has left many dead/diseased trees.
I've selected some existing small clearings to start, with the intention of planting some new plants as well as letting the existing raspberries, blackberries, spiny gooseberries, beaked hazelnuts, maple, oak, and beech trees, etc.. grow with less competition.
I use a pole saw to clear all/most of the lower branches and pile them into strategically placed, slowly evolving hugel-mounds. Then I am able to see more clearly, to be able to fell dead/dangerous trees and add them to the piles. Sometimes I decide to dig a trench by the pile and cover the logs with the soil. I end up with a ditch for better drainage when we have a large spring melt, and a hill to plant into that usually gets an initial seed mix of radish, peas, mustard, buckwheat, carrots, clover, random squash, along with anything that may still be growing in the sod.
Eventually if/when the time is right, the plan is to do a larger thinning, and open up more garden space where the soil/keystone species are slowly being prepared. Meanwhile the remaining pines are growing, to be potentially more useful in future projects.
If I had the time to turn more of the pines I process into bio-char, I probably would, as it seems really useful in the sand we have.  
2 weeks ago
There are exterminator type companies that do heat treatments to buildings. The house has to stay around 120F for a few hours. From what I've heard this takes alot of preparation, making sure items are removed that would pose a hazard at those temperatures, as well as sealing things off well to ensure the correct temperatures are sustained in the entirety of the building. The siding was a tricky spot from a friends DIY, eventually successful, series of attempts at getting rid of bedbugs.
2 weeks ago
I haven't tried it, but pvc/vinyl coated hardware cloth might be an option worth looking into for the longevity aspect.  
3 weeks ago
According to the book, "Herbs for Pets," by Gregory L. Tilford & Mary L. Wulff:

A Basic Formula for Urinary Infections and Stones*-

Make a strong tea or combine low-alcohol tinctures of the following ingredients. If possible, administer the formula on an empty stomach, and encourage your companion to drink plenty of water.

3 parts marshmallow root
1 part couch grass
1 part nettle
1 part echinacea
1 part Oregon grape

*This formula helps to soothe, lubricate, and reduce inflammation of urinary tract issues, thus helping with the elimination of stones. The echinacea and Oregon grape help to reduce or prevent infection.

For dogs, feed 1 teaspoon (5 milliliters) of the cooled tea, twice daily, for each 30 pounds of body weight.

some herbs listed as useful for urinary tract infections:


Oregon grape


Oregon grape


slippery elm


slippery elm


dandelion leaf (the strongest herbal diuretic available)
corn silk
shepherd's purse





There is also mention of Apple cider vinegar to help balance the bacteria, cranberry mainly to prevent infection, as well as a few other herbs that could be useful.

Caution is advised as there may be other factors that need to be taken into account, so checking with your vet is always recommended.

Hope your fur buddy gets well soon!
1 month ago
I agree that it is getting very difficult to speak ones mind online against the grain lately.. I'm ok, and sometimes even happy with private companies choosing to, like here at permies with the, "be nice," rule, openly censor certain things. I'm not ok with governments putting pressure on entities to do so.
I won't vote with a ballot hoping that one puppet will change the system that is meant to function this way. I try to solve the problem by buying less stuff, and making my own stuff when possible to avoid offering my energy, (tax money, compliance, etc) to be abused.
From what I've experienced, the solutions seem to be the same whether somebody knows the problem or not, so usually I try to focus on solutions. This place is great for that. I even bought a book on the same topic, https://buildingabetterworldbook.com/
The logs sound like they might wash away in a big enough storm.? Maybe something like these driveway/grass pavers would work? https://www.mutualmaterials.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Turfgrid-beauty-1024x717.jpg
You could try just adding compost then seeding it to a fast growing plant/s to use their roots as anchors for compost/mulch/living mulch.. and/or maybe some sort of shrubs would do well.
2 months ago
We were given the option to opt out of the smart-meter, but have an extra $5 a month fee so that the electric company can send someone out to do the reading every once in a while. We can submit our own reading every couple months to keep billing info more accurate.
I have a friend who has been wrapping his meter successfully in aluminum foil. He uncovers it every once in a while so the info will send without the company coming to inspect it.
We've also recently just had our functioning streetlights changed. I've read that part of the 5g system could be incorporated with streetlights, so perhaps that's what happened, but I'm not sure yet. Something else to watch for though I guess..
1 year ago