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Laura Ryan

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since Mar 28, 2020
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Recent posts by Laura Ryan

George Yacus wrote:However, one can edit posts. Use a desktop/laptop and click on "..."  at the right of your post.

I tend to edit my posts a bunch.  I don't know if that bothers the staff much. I know it makes just a little more work for them.

Usually I edit things because I misspelled something (like I just did a minute ago!), or I got the unique formatting wrong for a link or image, or occasionally there is critical information missing and I want future readers to catch it early on in a thread, rather than way later.

Ah, but you can't edit them once someone has replied.
And yes you should be able to edit ALWAYS, like you said, maybe you just want to correct an error. How is it helpful to anyone to leave spelling errors up or bad links?
Terrible... I guess I will not be posting here again. Real Estate posts do not need to be permanent and people should be able to have control over what they share. Why is the site afraid of losing content? Has it been considered that this policy actually keeps people from posting, having the opposite effect the admin intended? Maybe this is something men don't relate to as much as women? Must be nice not to have to worry about stalking..  

paul wheaton wrote:Maybe rather than delete, it would be good to somehow mark them to show that they have sold.

Hi, I made a post before I realized that posts could not be edited or deleted in any way by the author (me) apparently??
That took me by surprise. I would feel safer here having a little more control over what I am sharing. There are many reasons why a person may need this feature. Especially when posting opportunities or real estate. Some folks post their email addresses but may later want them removed for security purposes. It really should be an option to be able to delete your own posts...without relying on a staff person.

I hope I am asking this in the right place but I had trouble finding a definitive guide for such questions after spending hours hunting around in forums. To ask the question all I have gathered so far is that I need to post in this forum (and pollute the site more by generating yet another post that can't be deleted?)

In other words, how does a user delete a post that contains personal info they may no longer want to share? Thank you.

Alyssa Burke wrote:Hi! Thank you for the post. Do you have any pictures of the property?

Hey there, just send me a message and we can exchange emails and I'll send you some pics.  Thanks.
I have not listed it anywhere yet, but just wondering if anyone is in need of a property in this area for a bargain price. I bought an acre with a house & shop on it last year but my plans have changed.  It's a cute little property with city water & sewer that would make a good starter homestead & permaculture experiment place for someone with a limited budget who just needs something liveable to get started. 1 bd 1 bath & all appliances- deep freeze, washer/dryer, fridge, elec oven, propane heater. There are some coops out back ready to go for goats and chickens. Apple tree, peach and pear.  House needs some TLC but is liveable and kept me warm all winter. Roof is newer and dry. I'm willing to let it go at a bargain price to someone with cash. 11k? If this sparks your interest at all please send me a moosage and I can give you more details.  I am new here so I hope posts like this are allowed, if not I apologize.
1 year ago