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since Apr 06, 2020
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Rhode Island (MA/CT border)
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Recent posts by Victoria Bocash

Ever head out to the garden all gung-ho ready to tackle “all the things” and find yourself just wandering around looking, observing, inspecting, imagining, pondering, nibbling, smelling, and plucking instead? I can lose my focus out here, where a grass lawn once existed and now a garden mandala thrives. I often meander through the paths filled with a sense awe (and overwhelm) before I eventually make my way back to the center to take a few deep breaths and remember I am as much an inhabitant of this creation as I am its steward and the “doing” will get done naturally when I’m firmly planted in who I am “being” 💚
1 year ago
Hi Everyone!!

Glad to have found this site & forum... I too am relatively new to permaculture but have been living on 11 acres in northwest RI (MA/CT border) for the past 25 years! (wow, if only i had started then LOL)

Would love to connect with anyone interested in the area. PM me if i don't get to you first!

Now to go pick some more peas

- Victoria
1 year ago