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Recent posts by S Rogers

Beau did a mycoinsulation project at this years PTJ.  They worked on mycelium insulation for the new well pumphouse.  Now they are making a movie about the 2023 PTJ and this project is one that will be in the movie.

Paul just released a new YT video with a clip of the mycelium insulation project.  Watch it here: https://youtu.be/en7NRhyA6WE?si=CCYqL8bWs5QKM6Mz

9 months ago
Most everyone knows that Beau did a mycelium insulation project at this year's Permaculture Technology Jamboree.  But did you know that they are trying to make a movie about the PTJ?  And that this project will be one of the ones in the movie?

Paul just released a clip of the Low Tech Laboratory Movie 2 Kickstarter.  This clip shows a bit of the project at the 2023 PTJ where they worked on mycelium insulation for the well pump house.

watch the video here: https://youtu.be/en7NRhyA6WE?si=CCYqL8bWs5QKM6Mz
9 months ago
Paul just released a clip of beau's mycoinsulation project as part of the Low Tech Laboratory Movie 2.

watch the video here: https://youtu.be/en7NRhyA6WE?si=CCYqL8bWs5QKM6Mz
check out the ks https://permies.com/ks
9 months ago

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/en7NRhyA6WE?si=LbtE4a3RYld-xrQt

During the Permaculture Technology Jamboree 2023 at Wheaton Labs, instructor Beau Davidson delved deep into the marvels of natural building. As part of the Low Tech Laboratory 2 Kickstarter project, Beau embarks on the construction of a well pumphouse, uniquely insulated with mycelium. Demonstrating its effectiveness in Montana's frigid climate, he emphasizes the sustainability and innovation behind this remarkable material. If you've ever wondered about the possibilities of integrating nature into modern construction, Beau's exploration of mycelium insulation offers a groundbreaking perspective. Dive in to uncover the future of eco-friendly building solutions!

Get ready to embark on another cinematic journey with "The Sequel" of the Low Tech Laboratory movie, where nature meets innovation! Building on the success of our inaugural Kickstarter, we're thrilled to present fresh projects from the Permaculture Technology Jamboree 2023 at Wheaton Labs. This edition emphasizes the interplay of natural building and sustainability, exemplified by our renowned instructor, Beau Davidson. Beau unveils the art and science behind using mycelium insulation for a well pumphouse, illustrating its potential in the face of Montana's challenging climate. From the regenerative qualities of mycelium, reflecting Beau's deep-seated commitment to green building, to other low-tech marvels harnessing the elements of earth, wood, and water, our sequel is a treasure trove of eco-conscious innovation. Whether you're newly discovering permaculture or are a seasoned enthusiast, this film promises a blend of education and inspiration. As our Kickstarter campaign approaches, we warmly invite you to be part of our mission. Remember, some sequels set the bar even higher — think The Godfather Part II! With special benefits for our early backers, your support means the world to us. Are you geared up to champion another eco-centric blockbuster?

9 months ago

Inside Community podcast takes an inside look at the beautiful and messy realities of creating and sustaining an intentional community.

Ep 020 – Paul Wheaton talks about the benefits of top-down power structures and the great responsibility that comes with taking on the role.

There are as many ways to structure a community as there are communities, but perhaps one of the most controversial models are those with central leadership. Is that even real community? Today’s guest and self-proclaimed “evil dictator”, Paul Wheaton, comes on to explain the benefits of top-down power structures and the great responsibility that comes with taking on the role.

In episode 020:
Introduction and welcome. (0:03)
The importance of community in permaculture. (5:15)
The controversy of the controversial central leadership structure. (12:41)
Leadership structure in an intentional community. (19:16)
The third tribe of community. (25:21)
What do you do when you're not being cool? (34:27)
The importance of trust. (44:22)
Ownership of the bootcamp. (49:29)
Rent for life vs. Rent for life. (54:56)
How much does it cost to live in the camp? (1:00:44)
What has been your greatest lesson from this journey of community? (1:08:14)
Thank you Paul. (1:14:46)

About the Podcast
The Inside Community Podcast brings folks along for an inside look at all of the beautiful and messy realities of creating and sustaining a community. We provide useful and inspiring content to support people on their quest for resilience, sustainability, and connection.

Through essays and interviews with experts, we examine a variety of topics related to communal living — from governance and decision making to ownership models, from navigating coparenting to navigating finances, from how to find your people to how to actually live with them. Whether you are wondering what it would be like to live with friends, share resources, and explore a more interconnected way of being, or live in community, and are looking for tips and tricks to overcome your community’s latest hurdle, the Inside Community Podcast will meet you where you are on your journey with topical episodes and fearless investigations.

About your host
Inside Community Podcast host Rebecca Mesritz is a community builder living in Williams, Oregon.  In 2011, Rebecca co-founded the Emerald Village (EVO) in North County San Diego, California.  During her ten years with EVO, she supported and led numerous programs and initiatives including implementation and training of the community in Sociocracy, establishment of the Animal Husbandry program, leadership of the Land Circle, hosting numerous internal and external community events, and participation in the Human Relations Circle which holds the relational, spiritual and emotional container for their work.
9 months ago

I wonder how high we can push that number up?
9 months ago
The May 2023 edition of Acres USA magazine.
Acres U.S.A., The Voice of Eco-Agriculture, May 2023 | Issue #623 Copyright 2023, 64 pages.

Format: PDF
# of Pages: 68

In this issue:

New Crop on an Old Farm
Keeping our family farm going by growing and selling a unique perennial crop: elderberry.

Passion Laced with Science
My journey from the pesticide industry to regenerative citrus.

The Potassium Paradox
Research proves that potassium testing and fertilization seldom pay.

About Acres USA:

The Most Trusted Regenerative Agriculture Magazine
Thousands of professional farmers, ranchers and growers — and those who work with them and who support ecological agriculture — know that Acres U.S.A. magazine is one of the best sources for real-world, applicable information about regenerative agriculture.

Every month we send you practical articles about soil health, crop-production techniques, livestock management, and farm business and marketing. You’ll see how fellow ecological farmers are doing it and how you can apply their wisdom to your context.

Our articles are written by farmers, agronomists and researchers themselves, so you know that it’s information you can trust.

Employing just a single practice you read about in the magazine can help you earn — or save — thousands of dollars more per year. This means that Acres U.S.A. is one of the best deals in agriculture.

9 months ago
Paul and Alan recently discussed carbon footprint on Paul's podcast.  Part two was just released today!

9 months ago
Alan joined Paul recently for a discussion on carbon footprint. The second part of that podcast was released today!

9 months ago
One day, not that long ago, Paul sat down with Alan Booker to discuss carbon footprint.  Part 2 of the podcast was just released today!  

9 months ago