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Just a girl, in love with getting dirt under her nails and restoring the earth.
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Earn your ticket to the 2023 PTJ, PDC, and SKIP events by joining the Permaculture Bootcamp at Wheaton Labs!

8 weeks in the bootcamp in exchange for a ticket to one event - Arrival date is April 9

15 weeks in the bootcamp in exchange for two events - Arrival date is February 26.

21 weeks in the bootcamp in exchange for three events - Arrival date is January 15.

If you want to earn your ticket to an event by working in the bootcamp, it is best to show up way earlier that you need to.  Stuff happens, and it has benefited many people to add some "buffer time" to make sure they work the necessary number of days.

For example:

If someone wanted to earn a ticket to the PDC:
1) They must earn their ticket before the event sells out
2) They must earn their ticket prior to the beginning of the event.
You'd need to arrive by April 9, 2023 to earn your PDC ticket with bootcamp work, but if tickets are first-come-first-served, so if they sell out you will be wait-listed.  If you want to make sure you get that ticket, you might think about coming out this year and locking in your spot.

How much?

To get in on the work trade, you gotta fork over $100 - unless you have already been here for anything in the past.   In which case, the work trade is entirely free.    The bootcamp does not currrently have a waiting list, but you still need to submit your payment and fill out a questionnaire thing to get in.   This means that you might want to put in your time in the bootcamp this year so you can attend events next year.

More info:


10 minutes ago

Lj Anderson wrote:First off you'll probably get a good laugh from my questions as I'm not super technical and nav'ing this huge website is making my head spin.  I joined the kickstarter ($100) and hoping to find some interesting stuff in "my stuff" or via email but am not finding anything related to the kickstarter yet.  On a side note, my original email was Polklander777 but since I contributed to the kickstarter under lja9402@gmail I thought I needed to change my email to lja9402 on permies site as well. Anyway, hoping to get some direction on getting some yummies associated with the awesome kickstarter. Hope the email change at the last minute didn't screw things up too much.

Second question, in fiddling around with my profile/etc I saw that a bunch of cool free stuff had been sent to me that I never "accepted". Curious if that comes in an email or because I don't recall seeing anything like that.  So please let me know how I can access some of this wonderful information. I just moved from the big city to rural NE and want to start an awesome edible landscape and need all the help I can get.
~Lisa "LJ" Anderson

Hi Lj!  

To answer your second question first:  IF you are subscribed to the dailyish email you will occasionally receive a link to a freebie.  If you do not click the link within a certain time period of the email being sent out, the availability of the freebie goes away.  That is what you are seeing.  

To answer your first question (at least to the best of my ability at this moment):  The goodies you are eligible for from the kickstarter are just starting to get divvied out.  You should receive an email as they become available.  

Question for you:  Did you receive an invite to the kickstarter forum?
12 minutes ago
Day of Light
Thursday December 1st

Even if you won't be with us at Wheaton Labs, you can celebrate all our half-assed holidays with us!
On the Day of Light the boots at Wheaton Labs spend a half day of improving the lighting in and around their nests.
Some of the things that the boots do to improve lighting include:

  • adding mirrors strategically to walls, window wells, and other creative spots!

  • adding lights that are more efficient by lighting people more than the room

  • adding solar night lights outside - find artistic themes

  • adding different sorts of prisms in the windows

  • adding indoor night lights

  • making full room lights that can be turned on at the source that add HUGE light to the room

  • light experiments

  • possible candle lit dinner with home-made orange candles such as Magdalene made here:

  • an evening campfire (bun warmer or pavilion)

  • Maple Foods!

  •      o maple meringue cookies
         o  maple rolls
         o  maple cookies
         o spaghetti with each person adding about a tablespoon of  maple syrup (tip of the hat to Elf)
         o horchata sweetened with  maple syrup
         o fresh bread served with whipped  maple butter

    Maybe Fred will make some  Maple Candied Pecans!

  • hot spiced cider

  • How will the Day of Light be celebrated this year?  I can't wait for the photos!

    Meow Meow Meow (translates to Happy Day of Light!):

    Caleb had a very productive Wood Box Day!

    Everyone is getting to work!

    Working on some box joints:

    It is coming together!

    Welcome to the dark side!  Haha, just kidding!   or am i?

    We are so glad you are here!  

    The Holistic Garden Planning Guide is your garden planning resource to create a framework where you don't have to compromise your values when planning your garden.  Find your 'Why' and create a garden that meets your needs, both in the kitchen and for your soul.   It is more than just a "what to plant and where to plant it", but a comprehensive guide for executing your dream garden.  This book covers the basics as well as more complex garden practices such as succession planting and intercropping.  

    The Holistic Garden Planning Guide is an interactive book including pages for reflective journaling, planting charts, and a place to begin a garden journal.  The ideal planning guide for the gardener who wants to get the most out of their gardening experience.  For best results, use in conjunction with the course Holistic Garden Planning which can be taken at

    format: PDF
    # of pages: 57
    created by:

    3 days ago
    Wood Box Day
    Friday November 25th

    Even if you won't be with us at Wheaton Labs, you can celebrate all our half-assed holidays with us! This year, the day after Thanksgiving is Wood Box Day!

    On Wood Box Day! the boots (and you!)  can kill a bunch of birds with  (But not actually kill a bird, that is just rude.)

    One goal is to try to replace plastic bins with wooden crates and boxes

    A cool thing you can try is to make a box that will almost hold water

    Some may even try to make some dovetail joints

    Some boxes will be quick and some will be very nice.  All boxes will have their part to play.

    Unlike wooden spoon day - wood boxes made at Wheaton Labs will remain with the bootcamp.

    However a box is made, make sure to document the progress and earn your Wood Box Crate PEP BB!

    Stephan shared the success of the 2022 Wood Box Day:

    Stephan wrote:
    Wood Box Day 2022 Edition...!

    After a hearty lunch of Thanksgiving leftovers, we all began our Wood Box Day projects.

    The end goal was to replace some of our plastic containers with wood boxes and/or other natural materials. Planning is an important part of projects like these, and once we all agreed on our goals for the afternoon, we referred back to these plans to make our ideas a reality.

    Caleb spent his afternoon creating a box for all the measuring tapes scattered about the Workshop, Classroom, and Library. His was highlighted with hand-made dovetail joints.

    Grey, Daniel, and Fred worked on a prototype for wooden boxes to hold our event dishes. Here's Grey and Daniel adding in a few additional blades to the table saw so they could accomplish some fancy cutting and joinery.

    Julia and I teamed-up to create a replacement or two for the plastic bins that hold the seat cushions for the mass bench in the Classroom. She practiced with a wide variety of hand- and power-tools for this project, and we were both very pleased and proud of the end product. The lid comes next...!

    Final verdict: Wood Box Day 2022 was a success!

    Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day...!

    Thanks, Thomas!  I really appreciate your input.  

    Spokane is a nice town, always looking for a reason to visit  

    The more I read and watch, the more I agree with you about starting with a stove.  I'm usually the go big or go home type of gal, but I think I might take your advice on this one.

    I hope you had a great holiday!  I'm sure I'll have a lot more questions on the way
    5 days ago

    Rocket tech is not my forte, but I want it to be something that I understand enough to do.  So with that in mind, I will be asking all the stupid questions with hopes of expanding the rockety parts of my brain.

    First potentially silly question...could one use the trash burner for a rocket project?

    Like this one:

    Second potentially silly question...what is the smallest rocket mass heater style out there?  

    Third silly question...If you're starting from scratch and planning to use a barrel or steel drum...are there any types of barrels you wouldn't want to use?  Like something that might have been stored in there?  Are oil drums ok or do they need to be thoroughly cleaned?

    I appreciate your patience and thank you for your help wrapping my brain around this.  As far as I know, there is no one in my area that has rockety stuff for people to look at, so I want to get something installed here for people to check out if they are interested.
    6 days ago
    I think that this will be a great conference this year!  Mark Shepard has some amazing information to share.