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Hi Dez! You are super cute! I love your sense of adventure. If you ever wanna come to Florida and befriend a ready-made family of four (myself and my three fantastic kiddos), let me know!  

If Florida's a bit too far but you'd like a pen pal, send me a purple moosage and we can email back and forth. I read through a couple of your bootcamp journal entries, and you seem to like writing. I do, too! And I really love long, descriptive, personal letters from friends who also love long, descriptive, personal letters. In a modern world full of choppy sentences and bullet-points, longform letters seem like a thing of the past. I like reviving them.

Take care, and good luck with your search!
3 weeks ago
For families with young children (who cannot reasonably leave their children behind, as in the case of nursing mothers, etc.):

Feed everyone and charge accordingly (so nobody rides for free). If a partner/sitter is bringing the kiddos, the partner/sitter and the kiddos are expected to eat with the group. It has been my experience that, if there are young children (speaking of which, designate an age range for "young children"), the partner/sitter is too busy looking after them to sneak in some free learning. But yeah, the whole kit and kaboodle will eat your food if it's just assume as much and charge for it.

Other than the situation above regarding young children, I wouldn't allow someone to bring a non-paying partner/spouse/friend. Like, you can't be away from them for two weeks? Really? Then both of you need to pay to take the course.
2 months ago
Very sweet! Are the photos from your own farm? I love the idea. I hope you sell a ton! I'm thinking about getting one but I don't trust my mail service right now...I'm still waiting on a package lost somewhere in the USPS mail---I'm in Florida, it shipped from Florida, and it's now in Puerto Rico, according to the tracking number. Shoulda been here weeks ago. -_-
2 months ago
Ack, this made me cry! Amazing!! <3
3 months ago

Caitlyn Hardy wrote:This sounds amazing to me. Wish you were in Georgia so we could be friends. I’m looking for the same thing here.

Honestly, I wish I lived in Georgia, too! I've driven through a few times and loved it (except Atlanta...too city-y, lol).
3 months ago
A parent in my local homeschool group just posted photos of her tie-dyed masks. They were great! I'd like to do the same except with natural dye. I have a good friend who dyed a baby blanket with turmeric and it came out so beautiful! It looked like a bright, sunny sky! :)
4 months ago
Friendly post bump! Still looking for co-housing family in Florida. :)
4 months ago
Aw, this is awesome! Congratulations! My youngest is 6.5 months old now. That went by in a blur. :)

I'm a Licensed Midwife. I was in my third year of midwifery school when I had my first baby. I had already been to almost a hundred births, and STILL, I had no idea that MY birth was going to be the way it was.

That being said. I would strongly recommend that you and your partner NOT attached yourselves to any specific outcome. Be open, flowing, willing to allow change to come and go. We are not in control. There are so many players in the birth and parenting game, and one of them is a miniature human who can't speak any of your language yet. Be patient...with yourselves and with baby. <3

Yes, please read The Continuum Concept! That book also changed my life and literally made me the parent I am today. Also, Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce.

Nursing shouldn't hurt. Some soreness is expected in the first two days or so, but if baby latches and your nipples are on FIRE, that is NOT okay, and it usually means that something is wrong with baby's latch! You do not have to suffer through that! Call your local La Leche League leader and ask for advice! Call your care provider and ask for a referral to an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Watch Dr. Jack Newman's breastfeeding videos on youtube (here: Dr. Jack Newman's Newborn Nursing Video).

Babywearing: Please get yourself a soft, stretchy wrap for the first couple months. Like, a Moby Wrap or a Boba Wrap. Watch a couple youtube videos to learn how to wear it. Have non-breastfeeding parent wear baby often when baby sleeps, so that baby gets used to non-breastfeeding parent and breastfeeding parent can sometimes shower/poop/nap without hearing baby crying. Switch to a woven wrap or soft structured carrier (like Ergo baby) when babe gets too heavy for stretchy wrap.

When people ask what they can do to help, ask them for one of three things: 1) Dishes. 2) Laundry. 3) Bring healthy meal that only needs to be reheated (no prep). And in the early days, post a cute little sign on the door that asks that visitors please leave a meal then ring the doorbell and leave (Mama and baby are sleeping). Visitors in the very early days can be exhausting! On the other hand, maybe mama needs to see grown-up humans. YMMV.

Baby blues on days 3-5 are caused by a significant and drastic drop in pregnancy hormones. "Baby blues" at the end of the second week, or third week, or fourth week are likely not due to hormones and can be postpartum depression. GET HELP. Call your care provider, your best friend, church minister (if you have one), La Leche League leader, etc. Call someone and tell them what's going on.

After you have a baby, you have a wound the size of a dinner plate inside your uterus. Any time you lift something heavy, try to vacuum the floor, stand on your feet all day making food, try to start exercising too early, risk opening that wound and bleeding heavily. GET REST. That's not necessarily the same as getting sleep. STAY IN BED for at least the first week, stay on the couch for the second week, stay sitting or still on the couch the third week. Obviously you will get up to bathe and go potty, that's alright. But resist the urge to get up and do things for a while. There will still be plenty to do after your body is healed (my nana used to say that the dishes will be there when you're dead and buried!).

I hope y'all have a beautiful birth and postpartum experience!! <3 <3
4 months ago
Just found the perfect land for our intentional community in West Central Florida, right in Homosassa. 20 acres of farm land for $150,000. I'm putting my manifesting hat on. If we get four permaculture families together, that's 5 acres at $37,500 for each family. Won't find land for that price ANYWHERE in Florida. Who's in? :D
4 months ago