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Recent posts by Betty Garnett

I live in south Texas and this sounds like nothing here haha. So some location clarification would be good. Currently doesn’t seem legit.
1 week ago
Great topic my friend! Most people have this issue. My personal experience with weight loss and healthier eating started in the gym. I know the kitchen is most of the battle but when you start to feel less like a piece of shit ( that was my motivation) you eat better. I lost 50lbs and then became a personal trainer. So I had to workout haha. I still battle food ALL the time and am not consistent. I have found The 4 Hour Body diet by Tim Ferris is pretty legit. This is what I’m currently doing. This one is simple and you get one cheat day a week! Check it out.
Also making yourself stop to evaluate why you are running to the fridge. Drink some water first  and see what happens in 30 minutes. Still hungry? Grab a snack. Im an emotional eater as well. It gets easier when you learn to love cooking healthy meals and working out is key.
1 month ago

Bethany Brown wrote:Got a honeybee stuck in my foot yesterday morning. I put baking soda on it and then honey. It didn’t swell much. But tonight it’s so itchy I want to cut it off. Home remedies for the itching?

If you have plantain, that is the best option. You can pick a leaf, chew it up and paste it on the sting. Cayenne is great also if you have some in the kitchen. Cayenne has great properties and if applied, can burn a bit which is much more satisfying than an itch.
1 month ago

Judith Browning wrote:I've used the beautiful seed heads for fulling my handspun woven wool pieces years ago.

Now, I would like to tincture teasel roots and can't seem to find anything definitive about using 'common' teasel roots for this?

I'm happy to let it run rampent just because I like it but also I remember how well teasel tincture worked for rocky mt tick fever so would like to have a tincture made up for a recurrance.

Check in with Homegrown Herbalist. I get my teasel tincture from them. Maybe email them and see if they can help you with that.
1 month ago

Great questions.
I have been canning for a couple years now. I saw a video of someone canning beef stew. I had to do it. I love soup and convenience meals. Taking that step was the best thing I could have done. I love canning. So I will go over some of these concerns with you and you will make the best choice for your family and just keep on rolling!

1.The controversy around "rebel canning" and following all the guidelines perfectly
I wouldn't worry about this so much. Can the right way and the rules are out there. It isn't worth the risk and don't listen to anyone that says it is. If they want to can out of the box, great. I am sure my grandmother did it. I might do it when I am seasoned. But stick to the rules and all will be good.
2.the possibility of blowing up the kitchen if I make a mistake
With newer canners, this is almost impossible. They have so many relief options that you would have to do something really dumb to make it blow. Just don't use a vintage canner.
3.The time it will take - yes it takes time. But the reward is amazing when those jars seal and you have really tasty and healthy food from YOUR garden preserved to feed your family.
4. The space I need to find in our small home for all the equipment - I have an All American 921 I believe that fits 7 quarts. It just fits under a table. It isn't that big or heavy and you can just it for water bath canning also or making a big batch of stew.
5.The chance of messing it up and poisoning my family (as alluded to in the first point ) - This was my ultimate concern. I still worry about this with canned meat. It is just because it looks weird and the fat in it can make it look a different color. Trust your senses. Check the lid when opened, was it too easy or hard to pop off? How does it smell? You will know. Also I believe boiling for 10 mins kills botulism (don't quote me on that but look it up yourself to be safe)

All in all, I recommend it and I also recommend only getting one if you are going to get a good one that will last generations, like the All American. Do your research on it. Small only means smaller batches. And you will want to fill that bad boy up when your canning or you waste more time with small batches. Best investment especially in the times we are in. Being able to have the option to can meat or soup, beans etc is awesome.
Lastly, the great family that got me hooked was Homesteading Family ( I also recommend ( and I get nothing for this recommendation, I just love the resource) They have her canning class and many other awesome educational homesteading classes.

Hope that helps and feel free to ask any other questions if they come up. Good luck!
1 month ago
Sending you a mooseage.  
2 months ago
Have you tried canning it? Canned meat seems weird but it’s my favorite when I have access venison or ground beef. So easy to do. Can share if interested.
2 months ago

John Ian Smith wrote:Have you tried removing the soil and repotting the trees in something bigger? That might help with rootbounding. Also, if there is any fungus or pests, try to make sure you get rid of it as soon as possible, those little critters can spread! Hope you and your daughter are enjoying taking care of these trees and hopefully it all pays off

We are currently gathering supplies to build a raised bed area in the greenhouse and repot all the trees.
3 months ago

Skyler Weber wrote:

Secondly, I leave the sleeves on in all seasons. In summer, the trees need the additional humidity and wind protection that the sleeves provide. Everything to include weeds grow better inside the sleeve. The only time to take them off is when the tree is too tall for the sleeve. You can then upgrade to a larger wire mesh cage, or get extremely energetic dogs to chase deer. I prefer the dogs.

Even when it’s 110 outside? Seems like I would have baked pears haha!
3 months ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:I can't tell from the pictures if they are mud daubers. If they are, I get along well with them. They are predators, and they LOVE the cabbage moth caterpillars that eat my brassicas.

I have no issues with them, but my opinion on most stinging bugs is if you don't start fights, they won't react hostilely. If you think about it, flying bugs don't run into trees or posts. if you don't confuse them by trying to dodge them, they fly around you. I don't swat at them, or jump around at them. I have not been stung, despite being around a lot of them.

When I'm working in the garden I'll often see a caterpillar they couldn't reach due to it being in the curl of a kale, if there's a wasp there I'll open it up and hold it open so the wasp can snag it.

I like them, and make nesting places for them to encourage them. Good predators. Just don't start fights with them. :D
I also consider them good burglar deterrent. I have thought about putting up a sign that says Beware of Wasps!  Might be more effective than a Beware of Dogs sign. Lot of people have deep fears of them.

Yeah I can't tell for sure. But they are kind of driving me crazy. I can't walk into my green house without them flying around my head. I did power wash them off once haha because I was annoyed but that didn't stop them haha.  I'll try to get a better photo.
3 months ago