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Recent posts by Jesse Glessner

Jason Tuller wrote:  1. Vitamin C tablets.  2.  Crushed garlic on crackers, when one of my daughters was a toddler she would just chew straight garlic cloves.  3. This is the bad one.  I grow white horehound in my back yard.  .

Mine isn't a DIY remedy, however, it is in my Home and it is a Remedy!
I start taking Zinc Tabs when I feel a cold coming on or when I'm going to be in a large group of people in Winter.
I also take Airborne Tabs when the cold comes on and that seems to perk me up and knock down the cold.
23 hours ago

Jen Fulkerson wrote:S. My daughter was talking about wanting to grow popcorn, so maybe we will try some next year for the fun of it.

HI JEN: I tried popcorn this year also and planted two different times with neither one of those being successful. But, on this one I will keep trying. There is nothing like popcorn just shelled off the cob for popping! I'll try and get my popcorn seeded as early as the farmers around here start planting corn and see if that works better.

Tell your daughter good luck on hers and to leave the popcorn on the cob until she needs to use some for popping.
The well known Western fiction author William W. Johnstone actually has a compilation of several novels of Science Fiction that I deemed very well written. The two that I have read are "End-of-the-World" story lines so close to what we might be getting into as a nation that it is scary!

Check him out on the web site ""
2 weeks ago
For me FROST works well.
By that time I'm tired of pulling tomatoes as canning is done and I take them to the Senior Center.
And frost kills off a lot of weeds and tops of root crops which I pull a couple of weeks after the first frost.

Then it is clean up time. I set the mower on the raised beds or use the weed whacker to trim everything back. I'll probably let those be this year though as I installed my ElectroGardening antennas and wire down through the beds this year. I cannot till at all now, so it is just pull all the weeds and veggie roots I can and let the first of winter take over.

About mid-winter I'll lay some landscaping cloth down to get the beds warmed up as early as possible in the Spring. I just need to beat, by far, what I did with "early" plantings this past Spring. Ah, talking about Spring already. HEY, it is ONLY FOUR MONTHS AWAY!!! SO, about mid-February many seeds must be put into containers and set on my sunny front porch to get plants going by mid-March.
3 weeks ago
I had potatoes in four grow bags in a kiddie pool this year.
I just dumped the bags on top of my raised beds to find all of those great potatoes.
WHAT A FLOP! I found 4-5 potatoes about the size half-way between a standard marble and a large marble.
And ONE and ONE ONLY potato that was about 2 1/2" in length and not too big aroiund!

Build some Horizontal Bee Hives! They are insulated with 7 lbs of Raw Wool stuffed in the cavities between the inner/outer walls of the hive. The 2" X 2" framing structure leaves those voids. The wool insulation keeps the bees warmer during winter and cooler during hot summer days.

Free plans to build these hives is on the site at:
3 weeks ago
They even have a recipe for a Cheesecake for the pressure cookers!
I made one and it didn't turn out too bad. The taste was good, but this dumb old dude didn't release it from the Spring Pan before he sprung it and it pulled a partial side of the cake off, which made it look bad, but it was actually MY BAD!

I've attached the recipe for the one I made but check out InstaPot recipes for more.
1 month ago

Emilie McVey wrote:I recently watched a short video on sowing carrots with a great germination rate.  Unfortunately I don't remember who it was   But, here's what I remember from his instructions :  soak the carrot seed for 24 hours.  Then, mix corn starch with cold water, bring to a boil,  and thicken. As I recall,  he made enough to fill a gallon bag. Drain the soaked carrot seed, put in the gallon back. Add the COOLED corn starch-thickened water. Zip the bag closed, and knead the seeds around in the bag until they're pretty well distributed throughout the gelled water. Take the bag out to the prepared garden bed, snip a very small hole in the corner of the bag, and gently squeeze the seeds, like toothpaste,  in rows in the garden.  Because the seeds had soaked so long, they were up in just a few days. I'm trying that method next year!

I just might have to try this method of seeding carrots. I have been using the tape with the seeds stuck on but I still haven't been successful growing carrots - or parsnips for that matter.
I have the problem of trying to keep the seeds moist until they sprout. The corn starch should do that!
I copied your text above and put it into my Gardening Folder for 2024!    

Brittany Marks wrote:Hello All,
The woodstove I used was a Winnerwell Nomad intended for my Springbar tent. I used it in the skoolie and piped the smoke out through an open bus window. I need to create a more efficient and "breathe safe" option as I would like to use the bus as a dwelling for this fall and possibly the winter.     Brit

IF you haven't yet built a RMH for your bus a good alternative at reasonably low expense is to obtain some heating fins for your smoke stack and install them. They will take up some space, however 2-4 fins around that pipe should pull out a lot more heat INSIDE the bus rather than have it go outside. It might be worth a try!
1 month ago

Bethany Brown wrote:Any good recipes to share? We have lots of ground beef and I would like more ways to prepare it. Would also like some good veggie dishes. I’m enjoying eating braised dandelion greens with over easy eggs for breakfast.

Add some Quaker Oats, a dash of Mild Mustard (powder form is good), and an egg or two to your Hamburger meat and mix well by hand. Maker you burgers and stand back and wait for the oh's and ah's!!!    

ALSO kids need some treats. See the attached PDF file for a treat they should be able to make themselves or help with. This is a lead into getting them to help make their own lunches and dinners!
1 month ago