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Edward Lye wrote:

Emilie McVey wrote:Showing my ignorance here: what's the difference between charcoal and biochar?  I thought biochar is simply charcoal that has been inoculated with helpful microscopic organisms.

Wood does not burn. It is the escaping gases that burn. The process continues until you get a lump of red glowing ember that produces no flame even when you fan it really hard{another way to tell is if you see white ash appearing on its surface}. .

I found this web site that answers many questions like Emilie asked.
1 week ago
For those of you who have read Follett's books, "Pillars of the World" and "World without End", I've found that he has written both a prequel and a sequel to this series. Check them out at your favorite book store. GREAT READING.
1 week ago

Walter Jeffries wrote:My mind boggles...

MINE TOO!!!  FIVE YEARS LATER, I've been wondering this week about WHERE I can actually find a few apples to use for my usual yearly Chunky Applesauce canning!
3 weeks ago
To me - the very best cornbread is baked in a sheet no more than 3/4" thick.
It is great as it holds together well when picked up and used with your meal.
Extra good when you can slather those slices with good butter too!
3 weeks ago
O.K., it is a bit tricky.

FIRST you have to have one brick cut in half. The instructions will explain where, and how you use these in the first two layers.

SECOND you need a good flat surface to place your bricks. Firing these things up on cement is NOT recommended. Either get two blocks of something like 9" X 12" OR one large block about 12" square of better yet 18" square. This gives you a good firm, flat base and you will see further where this comes in handy when feeding fuel into your stove.

SO, here you go! Not great graphics, however, during my presentation a volunteer built the stove from the same plan without questions and no help from others. Graphic is below.

1 month ago
KUDOS go to all of those parents who get their kids involved in experiments with basic Emergency Preparedness items like stove, lights, water, and sanitation to mention just a few.

This post reminded me to eMail a nephew to remind him to get his kids involved in building a brick Rocket Stove and to have each one to actually cook some on it like eggs, potatoes, and meat.

I also suggested that a 12 V Emergency Lighting system would be a good project for the kids to learn that there are ways to deal with problems in emergency situations.

Another item that would be good for kids to learn is how they are going to handle sanitation. Human waste in a toilet that won't flush can be extremely harsh on the health and well being of humans - SO, what do you need for an emergency toilet and how do you get rid of the waste? These are the things that kids DO NOT learn in school and usually DO NOT learn from their parents - so the parents learn along with the kids.
1 month ago
I did one of these for a E.P. presentation at our local Senior Center a couple of years ago. I had a volunteer build the Rocket Stove from a sketch on paper. People were amazed that the stove would actually work. I showed them the blackened brick to show that I had it fired up at one time.

I also gleaned through all of the "thrift shops" and came up with an extra slim (in height) stove burner, a small grill for hotcakes, and a rail grill for hot dogs and hamburgers. Those worked great also.

And, yes, the extra height is much better and saves your back and eyebrows too. I just disassembled it and stacked everything, bricks, half-bricks, grills, tongs, and spatulas back in a corner out of the way so I always know exactly what is ready to go if needed.

It is a good idea also to fire this up in various kinds of weather too. Rainy weather? Does it, or rather will work under a tent - or will it catch the tent on fire or melt it from the heat? Something for YOU to find out for yourself.
1 month ago
HEY EVERYONE: Just substitute "Florida" for whatever state you wish to build in and this GREAT advice would still apply.  Thank YOU, Dave Bross!

Proper RESEARCH can save you tons of money in the end! And it may save your Rear End from kicking yourself after the fact of NOT researching.    :-)
1 month ago

Maybe you could build a Monolithic Dome where the flood waters from the ocean or hurricanes just flows on through like the one at this link:

OR, one with a little class like this one  -  in, of all places, FLORIDA!!:

And, you can see many other styles of these types of homes on 2 pages - starting here:

There is a LOT of information about these Monolithic Domes on their sites,  both and the .com site.
1 month ago